You are currently viewing 4 FACTS ABOUT 4K (ULTRA HD) YOU DIDN’T KNOW!


You have probably heard about 4K Technology! It’s the latest trend right now when it comes to movies, video, photos and streaming services! Everything is coming in 4K! TV’s, Camera’s and Blu ray players are popular for the superior quality and crystal clear pictures with vibrant colors! Here are some facts about 4K you might not know!

From Video To Photo:

When they shoot video in 4K, Photographers can actually extract super quality still images from videos without compromising any quality. You get rich quality 4K still photos from 4K videos! So any image can be taken from the video and made into a fabulous quality photo in 4K!

Better Resolutions:

Two of the most common resolutions of 4K are Ultra HD 4K and Cinema 4K. Ultra HD consists of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. While Cinema 4K consists of 4,096 x 2,160 pixels. Cinema 4K is also known as DCI 4K this is the quality that you usually enjoy when you go to the movie theaters. Now you can see more details than ever!

Better Time Frame Speed:

With 4K you get four times the resolution of regular HD! Not only has the resolution been improved with 4K but the actual colors and frame speed rates have increased. In the past the frame rate speed was 25 frames per second and now it’s 60 frames per second! That’s a huge difference! Because of this when you extract photos from video the quality is superior!

Rich Vibrant Color:

The color replication has also increased, in the past it was 8 bit and now is 10 to 12 bits! So you get very high quality photos with rich color, crisp and clear with awesome details!

Colors pop and are more vibrant and rich and the contrast between colors is unbelievable when seen on a 4K TV or photo! Seeing a vibrant blue next to a popping Red or Yellow is amazing and can make the picture or video feel so much more real.

So whether you enjoy photos, video’s or movies, you will appreciate and enjoy the superior quality and visually stunning rich, vibrant colors of 4K Ultra HD in any area of your viewing entertainment!

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