Why Videography and Photography is so important to have at your Wedding! Especially in 4K!!

One of the most important moments in your life i

s the day you give and commit yourself to another person. Nothing can compare that joy you feel when you say the words “I do!”

To capture that moment and be able to relive it over and over in high quality is one of the benefits of living in a modern high tech world. We have gone from SD to HD and now 4K. And nothing beats the quality. And

not just that, but the many things you can do that comes along with this latest Technology in Video and Photography. And it’s well worth it, for years to come.

Discover now how 4K can bring rich images to your photos and screen!


Photography: YOU NEED PICTURES!!

You’re getting married. Whether it’s at city hall, a beautiful beach, a funky Venue, or your local church, you need photos to capture the moment. Everyone will want a picture of you and your special day. Your family, friends, and al

most everyone that shows up, will expect a photo of the day your life changed and you became a plus 1!

Photos capture a moment that you will look at fondly many years after the day has passed. Your children and grandchildren will one day show those very pictures to their own babies!

Getting high quality photos without breaking the budget is essential and many couples want the very best on that day. Photo packages can range from company to company. You want to make sure the photographer you pick knows not only what they are doing, but that they also know how to use the equipment they have; but you want to make sure you are getting the best deal for your money! Photographers are now investing in 4K equipment bringing you richer pictures and high quality video!

Being able to take a moment and enhance features, crop and enlarge is by far the best when you do it using 4k! The higher resolution technology of 4K will make for some spectacular photos. One of the best elements of 4K (2160P) is that you can crop video and stills and not lose any quality at all! Imagine that first kiss as a married couple larger and in perfect quality! You will be able to take the perfect shot, and make it even more perfect to your specifications! From adding words to making blemishes disappear, you can have your perfect finished photos along with your perfect day!

4K resolution has become easier to afford now and the benefits and results are incredible! Not only that, they will last a lifetime for you and your partner to enjoy.

Videography: YOU NEED VIDEO!!!

Imagine putting your entire wedding on YouTube or Facebook for all to see! With 4K technology you will be able to do just that. In beautiful high quality with rich colors! With all the special moments and nothing you don’t want or need. Enhance as you want and never lose quality! Rich color and sound play an important part in your video turnout. And on your wedding day you want the best!

4K gives you high quality images that you will be able to enjoy 10 years and beyond from almost any device! Not only that, but you can take any still from the video and make it into a high quality picture! The technology of 4K far surpasses SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition) quality in many ways.

You will be able to enjoy your special day and relive it over and over again just as if you were there in high 4K quality!

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