Graphic Design

Graphic design covers a very large array of services. This page is here to explain that even if you didn’t see a specific design service you were looking for, we’re still up to the challenge to create what you’re after.

We understand that design process can be very tedious to deliver the exact design you’re after. We often give a few free revisions to help guide you to that final product.

Graphic Design Process

Bing Marketing Plan

We will need to know more about your business in order to deliver your graphics. Information you provide us about your business will help us devise a plan of action and create a theme to base your graphics on.

We will need information such as:

  • Who you are?
  • What is your intent / objective for the graphic?
  • What colors you want us to use on the graphic?
  • What size / dimensions do you need the graphic to be?
  • What type of source file do you require?
  • What type of person is the graphic intended for?
  • What is the message (if any) that you want the graphic to state?
  • Where do you plan to share the graphic? Social media? Website? Print?

Many of these questions will help us determine what you’re looking for.