Google Advertising

Google advertising allows businesses to immediately target and siphon potential customers from search results. There are quite a few different types of Google and they are based on your ad objectives.

Ads are widely used around the globe due to the ability to accurately measure your ad spend vs return on investment. If you’re in the long waiting line for SEO to start working, ads will give you a much-needed boost.

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Google Search Engine Advertising

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What are search ads?

Search ads are called by a few names. PPC or Pay-per-click is the most popular name.

These ads cost you every time a potential customer clicks your listing. However, ads generally start working fast and can drive quick ROI. 

We include your ad spend in your monthly bill so you never have to worry about giving Google your card information!

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Why does Google advertising matter?

Ads allow you to skip the long waiting line for SEO. SEO can take months for Google and the other search engines to fully understand the purpose of your website.

Ads put you at the top of Google’s search. As soon as you make a search ads come before any other sites. Can you afford to have your competition out rank you?

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What happens with ads?

With ads, you can rank on the ad section of search results almost immediately and start generating business quickly.

Many of our clients run ads alongside SEO so that their business name shows up more than once on the results page. This increases your online authority!