Yahoo Search Engine Advertising

Yahoo ads target 117 million searchers each month. These are people who typically refuse to use Google & you would completely miss out on them if you didn’t diversify your search engine ads presence.

The Yahoo platform is home to original internet explorers from the 90s and 00s. The platform itself is very inexpensive to advertise on & is worth the attention to set up and run ads.

Yahoo Advertising - Yahoo Business Advertising

Reasons for using Yahoo Search Ads

Yahoo Search Ads - Yahoo Business Advertising

Direct Purchasing of Keywords.

What sets Yahoo apart from the competitors is your ability to directly purchase the keywords or phrases you want your business to show up for. 

Other search engines use ad relevance strategies to push only the best ads to the top of the page. If you’re interested in buying targeted keywords, check out Yahoo’s subsidiary “Overture.”

Yahoo Search Advertising - Yahoo Business Advertising

The Third Largest Search Engine

While Google & YouTube take up 1st and 2nd place, Yahoo follows closely as the third largest search engine. Getting listed in their directory service and running ads will direct a significant & easily targeted audience to your storefront or website.