Katrina Tecxidor

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COSMarketing Agency Owner Founder - Meet The CEO

How did we get started?

Our CEO Katrina Tecxidor started out in marketing over a decade ago. After graduating from UCF in 2018 Katrina worked in sales and marketing for different businesses in-house. 

Marketing agencies that she worked for did not have the total solution for small business owners. Social media was something that most companies and agencies she worked with struggled in. She took it upon herself to learn social media inside and out and applied those principles at the businesses she worked with.

When did COSMarketing get started?

After several years of working for other people it was clear that it made sense to have her own agency and the rest is history! COSMarketing Agency was founded in 2018 and is a full-service digital agency that provides websites, search marketing, content, social media, and paid advertising. 

She handpicked every individual that works in COSMarketing Agency based on their skill level and area(s) of expertise. On average most of COSMarketing Agency’s team member have between 5-10+ years experience in their given field(s). 

Meet The CEO Our Team

Quality over quantity

She knew that small businesses struggle with social media the most, that is why COSMarketing (Creative Online Solutions) focuses so heavily on content quality. Content is what builds brands and moves people to action. Her commitment to unique custom-made content has been a game-changer for small businesses. 

To date, Katrina has lead her marketing team to achieve over 35 million views and an average 3x increase in client revenue! She does this through hard work, dedication, attention to detail, and invocation. If it’s a new form of marketing we try it out with our company first.

Why choose us to handle your marketing?

We are ahead of the curve and never worry about an algorithm change as we are light-years ahead of our competition. With us you get the benefit of a large Agency in terms of output but with a small Agency feel. We give one-on-one attention to all our clients because we know success is based on the right partnerships and trust. We always conduct our marketing campaigns with the utmost care. 

We know how valuable your business is to your and your family. Our goal is to help make your company successful because that helps in our success. A rising tide raises all ships! 

If this sounds like we would be a good fit contact us today to book a no-cost marketing strategy session with one of our experts. Cheers!