YouTube Search Engine Marketing

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the web. It’s owned by Google and they both benefit extremely well together. Everyone knows about YouTube, and millions of hours of Video are uploaded every minute making SEO extremely important if you want your video content to stand out from the rest. 

Video is by far the best marketing strategy period. You’ll never find better engagement than on a video. With the platform closely tied to Google, you’ll notice your videos showing up in Google search at times when certain keywords are used.

YouTube SEO Keyword Research

It all starts with keywords.  Keywords are specific words or phrases that someone will enter into YouTube in order to find a video specific to their needs. This could be anything from looking up comic book reviews to finding how to fix the check engine light on your car’s dashboard.

Depending on your type of business (we have worked with many various companies) we may already know which keywords to target. Optimizing channels and videos based of the keywords is imperative to being found.

Uploading the Right Video

Your video itself needs to captivate and keep your audience watching it. Just like Google, YouTube has a click through rate as part of the algorithm. If tons of users start watching your video and then drop off to watch something else, it will signal that this probably is not the right video for the keywords being targeted.

Your goal is to keep up to 100% of all your viewers on the video as long as possible. This will boost your relevance scores and even have a somewhat viral effect where YouTube will promote the video for you.

Optimizing the Video

Just uploading a video and adding keyword to its description is not enough. You’ll also need to say your keywords in the video itself.

The title of the video should be at least 5 or 6 words long and form a sentence that flows and would normally be something that someone would type in to search for.

Content is king, over and over again. The video description itself needs to have at least 250 + words in it and clearly explain what it is that the video it all about. 

Promoting the Video

If you upload it, they will come, right? Wrong.

Just like with regular SEO, you need to promote the content in other locations. Remember Google is always checking your authority by basing your ranking against other people that link to your site or video. The more links you share on websites to your video, the more viewers you’ll get and the more YouTube decides that your video is relevant. 

Make sure your video is shared everywhere you can put it to drive traffic to it and obtain important backlinks.