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YouTube ads are game-changers for businesses. There are many ways you can use the platform for ads. YouTube ads are not the same as other pay-per-click ads. These ads give you many more targeting abilities such as targeting viewers based on their own Google search history and viewing behaviors from other YouTube video searches.

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YouTube Video Discovery Ads

Discovery ads are designed to bring attention to your company when users are directly searching with the keywords. The idea is to help potential customers discover you during their searches.

For example, type in “Restaurants” and the first videos on the list will be advertisements. You’ll notice the yellow “ad” followed by a link to the website to learn more after watching the video.

YouTube Video Advertising - YouTube Advertising

Skippable In-Stream Ads

These are the standard TrueView ads most people use in their marketing. Generally, with this type, advertisers only pay when the viewers watch or interact with the ad.

If the ad is watched for a duration of 30 seconds – then it qualifies as a billed ad. Inside these ads are also a call to action button, if that button is clicked on then it also counts as a successful ad and is billed accordingly. 

These ads play at the start of most monetized videos on YouTube. You have the option to “SKIP” the ad after 5 seconds of playing. Keep this in mind, you want your ad to capture attention and get the potential customer to actually want to watch more during that 5-second countdown.

YouTube Video Ads in stream - YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising: Non-skippable In-stream Ads

Non-skipping ads are about 15-20 seconds in length and can be seen throughout long YouTube videos. In the bottom right corner instead of the 5-second countdown, you’ll see a message “Video will play after ad.”

If the video you’re watching is 10 minutes or longer, you’ll most likely encounter some of these ads. Non skippable ads are on a pay-per-click basis, so make sure the ad is tailored properly so you don’t waste ad spend on unnecessary clicks.

YouTube Non-Skip Ads - YouTube Advertising

Bumper Ads

Bumper ads are very short ads that last 6 seconds. They’re also non-skippable.  You can’t really tell a detailed story in just 6 seconds, but they can increase your brand awareness and get people to remember you.

YouTube Bumper Ads - YouTube Advertising

Overlay Ads

Also known as banner ads. These just hover over your video until you either click on them or click the little “X” close button. 

Some people prefer these ads as they aren’t as intrusive and can be easily dismissed. This will depend on the marketing message that you provide, certain advertisements should not be pushed as hard.

YouTube Video - YouTube Advertising