Our Team of Experts

The COSMarketing Agency team is made of experts in every aspect of marketing. We proudly have experts in social media, search marketing, ad campaigns, website development, and more! 

Each of our team members has on average at least 5 to 10 years experience in their field. COSMarketing Agency has strict guidelines on who we work with because we believe quality of work is VITAL to the success of any marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing Team - Our Team

The COSMarketing Agency Team

Katrina T.

CEO, Social Media, & Team Management

COS Marketing Agency Team Member Murray

Murray B.

Lead Copywriter & Email Marketing

Cris J.

SEO Expert & Website Creation

Amy R.

Content Creator & Video / Graphic Design

Erisel H.

Virtual Assistant & Research

Our Talented Marketing Team

Best Online Marketing Team - Our Team

Our talented team of experts also have management and coaching experience. Utilize their knowledge of content creation, brand marketing, Search, and more to your advantage through our coaching services. See our coaching page for more information on our social media, brand, and website design coaching.

We work one-on-one with all our clients. Collaboration is key to success and we want you involved in the process. COSMarketing Agency connects directly with you and your staff. You know what we are doing every step of the way, no smoke and mirrors. Everything is straight-forward!

Call, text, email, or use our contact form to book an appointment.

Data Analysis Experts

Google Marketing Strategy - Our Team

Data collection is vital to our campaigns. Our team provides you data and analytics that prove success and gives real-time feedback on EVERY aspect of your marketing campaign.

We will tell you what is working and if something is not. We adapt your campaigns to adjust to the best possible keywords and post topics to allow for the best chance of success. When your company is successful, we are successful, simple as that!

Any business owner knows their time is valuable and can be limited. That is why we include some virtual (or in person) meetings with you and your staff. We can go over ideas, discuss analytics, and answer questions during staff meetings. 

Need business coaching? We can help you improve your business model through insight and market research! 

Experts in Lead Generation

Bing Marketing Agency - Our Team

Are you struggling to get the kind of quality leads you need to grow your company? Then you need a qualified team to do the job. Our company collectively has over 30 years experience in marketing, sales, business, and communication. Leverage this to your advantage! 

COSMarketing Agency’s ideal clients are encompassed by entrepreneurs who are success-driven. They are people who want to grow their business and have it last the test of time. They don’t want their competition to pass them by and they are forward-thinkers. 

Full Service Expert Marketing Team

Meet The CEO Our Team

All digital marketing plans at COSMarketing Agency are customized to meet your brand’s needs and standards. Each plan includes unique content and we never re-use posts. Stand out above your competitors through content that promote the kind of image you deserve!

When our clients use both search marketing and content, they can expect on average 3x the response. Our company uses trending content (such as reels, stories, and video) to get you in front of thousands of more prospects. Let’s chat! Your first coaching session is free. Let’s come up with a game-plan and we will let you know if we think it’s a good fit for both of us.