Pinterest Marketing Agency

Pinterest started out as an idea for people to find new ways to share and discover new ideas and products.

Members create boards and arrange pins on each board. Think of it as setting up a collection of things you like, want to buy, and want to share with other people.

Pins are bookmarks, they can be videos, products, and/or images of things you would want to save for later.

The platform is a powerful place to showcase your brand and we recommend it to all of our eCommerce clients to help boost their marketing efforts.

Since it’s smaller than other social sites that means less competition!

Make sure you take a look at our Pinterest Advertising page to learn more about why you would want to use the platform to run “pin” ads.

Pinterest Pins

What Are Pinterest Pins?

Pins are essentially bookmarked items that people use to save things they like on Pinterest. Pins can be images, videos, and products.

Why Do We Need Pins?

Business accounts are allowed to link pins back to their websites. This allows you to share your ideas and products with people outside of your website and in a very popular places like Pinterest. There are over 200 BILLION pins!

What Happens With Pins?

When you create a pin, you're given the ability to track how many people viewed and liked it. This will help you gauge interest in products you create and give you an alternative avenue to experiment with what could be in demand. The added bonus is you'll direct good traffic back to your eCommerce website and generate more sales!

Pinterest Boards

What Are Pinterest Boards?

Boards are used to organize and save your pin collections. You can create multiple boards in your profile. People can see the things you board, which also helps you broaden your audience.

Why Do We Need Boards?

Boards allow business owners to organize their product pins, so that people can browse and explore them. They're like having a business bulletin board on steroids! Pinterest is more niche than other sites, which means we will typically reach a more unique audience here.

What Happens With Boards?

When you organize your products aka "pins" on specific boards, you're then able build pin board followers. When fellow pinners actively follow an entire board of yours, they'll see all of those pins related to the board in their home feeds. This is very helpful for data collection on your prospects.

Want to know more about Pinterest?

Pinterest is now the third largest social media platform!

The social network has over 100 million active monthly users, most of them (75%) being women.

Over 80 percent of users will actually buy the products that they like and pin them to their boards.

Depending on your brand, this could be the sales platform you’ve been looking for!  You’ll find all types of people that are looking for products and services.

Pinterest is actively used as a shopping platform by 50% of its pinners, while Facebook has only 15% of shopping intent. 

We offer Pinterest as an a la carte item for our eCommerce clients. Schedule a call with us to learn more!