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YouTube is not just a social site, it’s also the second-largest search engine on the internet today!

It’s where billions of hours of videos are watched every single day. You’ll find anything from cats to do-it-yourself videos.

Advertising and marketing on YouTube will push your brand and products in front of millions of viewers. 

Also, take a look at our YouTube Advertising page to learn more about how ads work on the platform and why you would want to run very detailed and targeted video ads on YouTube.

YouTube Channels

YouTube Marketing Company

What Are YouTube Channels?

YouTube channels are profiles. Every post on YouTube is a video, making it time-consuming to create & manage content.

YouTube Growth Marketing - YouTube Marketing

Why Do We Need YouTube?

YouTube is amazing for Search recognition! Also, many people look to YouTube to solve problems, making them easier to convert to clients.

YouTube Channel Marketing - YouTube Marketing

What Happens With Channels?

YouTube gives your company an amazing opportunity to connect with more prospects & gain ranking on search, all on one platform!

YouTube Thumbnails

YouTube Thumbnail Marketing - YouTube Marketing

What Are YouTube Thumbnails?

YouTube Thumbnails are the images that pop up before you click on a video & are essential to entice people to consume your content. We include a thumbnail for every YouTube video!

YouTube Thumbnail Design - YouTube Marketing

Why Do We Need YouTube Thumbnails?

YouTube thumbnails entice people to click on your YouTube ad. We also utilize them as another way to create awareness about your brand by cross-posting them on other social channels.

YouTube Thumbnail Strategy - YouTube Marketing

What Happens With Thumbnails?

When you have compelling thumbnails people tend to watch your videos longer. The longer people watch your video, the more likely you are to come up in the "suggested" section of the platform.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts - YouTube Marketing

What Are YouTube Shorts?

Shorts are YouTube's version of "reels". They are in their own place inside of the app. We use them to fill in content in-between YouTube Videos & for brand awareness.

YouTube Marketing

Why Do We Need Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are the latest way to reach consumers. They are getting more popular by the day, so it's worth utilizing. Gain an edge over your competition!

YouTube Shorts Agency - YouTube Marketing

What Happens With Shorts?

People love binging short digestible content & that is what YouTube Shorts deliver. They can attract a different audience, which increases prospects!

YouTube Videos

YouTube Video Marketing - YouTube Marketing

What Are YouTube Videos?

You can only post videos on YouTube. Videos have the highest engagement over any other form of media, making YouTube success enticing for most businesses.

YouTube Video Agency - YouTube Marketing

Why Do We Need Videos?

Videos are more interesting and dynamic than still posts. People know they take time to create, so they also build online credibility & authority!

YouTube Video Advertising - YouTube Marketing

What Happens With Videos on YouTube?

YouTube gives you a boost both directly on the platform & Search. YouTube provides more brand authority, higher reach, and engagement. We also use YouTube videos to drive traffic to other social media platforms, blogs, & websites.

COSMarketing Agency YouTube Marketing in Action

COSMarketing Agency YouTube Channel - YouTube Marketing
Visit the COSMarketing YouTube Channel

The videos on COSMarketing Agency’s YouTube channel are evergreen (see the above link).

Evergreen videos are content that is relevant for your target audience year-round. 

We make all our content evergreen for our clients, so you keep getting recurring views day to day!

Take a look at how COSMarketing Agency leads the way with YouTube Marketing.

Benefits of YouTube Marketing

The amount of targeting and SEO that you can configure on their platform makes it an absolute must-have for an experienced team behind your channel.

YouTube prospects tend to be much higher quality & convert faster since they are typically there to solve problems.