Professional Photography and Videography

We proudly offer on-site photography and videography for businesses in the Central Florida area. We have a full “mobile studio” that includes various cameras, lenses, lights, backdrops, and sound equipment. We even have GoPro cameras for on-the-go content creation in extreme outdoor conditions. 

Pricing depends on the location and time spent on site. We recommend a mix of both video/photography because we can use what we film to create more high-quality content that we can use across all your social platforms and your website.

On average, our local Central Florida clients do this just 2-4 times a year, as we are able to spread out the photos and videos we gather for a long period of time. 

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Orlando Content Creation Agency - Photo and Video

Photography & Videography Services:

Photo and Video

Photography & videography services are offered by COSMarketing Agency because we know many clients struggle to produce their own content.

While we can use the photos and videos our clients give us to create amazing posts, having our team of experts shoot content for you at your location takes things to the next level and saves you time.

Not ready to commit to brand building plan yet? A photography and videography session can be just what you need to get-to-know our team and see how we operate. Let’s discuss your next project!

Our team comes equipped with cameras, lights, backdrops, sound equipment, and more! All our equipment is fully mobile and we can travel to virtually any location to film for you in the Central Florida area. Price increases apply to anywhere outside of Central Florida.

The photos and videos we take will be used for social media posts and your website. We send you some raw images so you can use them as you see fit as well! 

Professional Gear

Photo and Video

Our team comes equipped with cameras, lights, backdrops, sound equipment, and more!

All our equipment is fully mobile and can handle harsh conditions. We travel to virtually any location to film for you.

Do you regularly attend events to network? We highly recommend working with us at your next event or meet and greet.

The photos and videos we take will be used for social media posts and your website. We send you some raw images so you can use them however you like! 

Central Florida Photography:

Photo and Video

COSMarketing Agency is in the Central Florida area and we provide photo shoots and video shoots to those in Orlando, Winter Park, Apopka, Altamonte Springs, Maitland, Longwood, Wekiva Springs, Winter Springs, iDrive, and surrounding areas.

If you are outside of Central Florida we might be able to accommodate you (potential additional fees may apply depending on distance).

Don’t have a business and you want to do a more artistic photoshoot? Our CEO has a background in content creation, including artistic photography and videography. We might be able to accommodate you! 

Fresh Media Content

Photo and Video

Fresh content is vital to your business. If you post the same content again and again your audience will have nothing that will inspire them to take action and contact your business. Your social media content is only as good as your last post!

Getting unique content by filming at your helps eliminate this from happening. Think about all the extra business you will receive by upping your content game! 

Photography & Videography Frequently Asked Questions

As always, we’re here and happy to help! Please take some time and read through our Photography and Videography Frequently Asked Questions list by clicking on the question closest to your concern to see our answers. Reach out to us if you don’t see an answer to your question.

Videographers and photographers use photos and videos to capture moments for individuals and companies. Videography includes audio equipment as well.

Photography and videography are beneficial because we will film content for you. That means you get higher quality images and video, which translates to MUCH better content!

We are happy to provide occasional guidance on this subject. For full tutorials and coaching, we offer social media consulting as a service for your convenience!

We have a meeting with you to discuss goals, we come up with a plan, and then shoot at your location!

We have a variety of equipment ranging from HD to 4K. We have cameras, lenses, lights, backdrops, sound equipment, stabilizers, and more!

Yes! That is why we customize a quote. We must know where we are going, how much equipment we need, and how many people to bring to our team. All costs are factored into our quote so you pay one simple bill.

Photos are still images and videos are moving.

Because content is everything online! Without interesting content less will take action and contact you. We can rely on the photos you send us, however, if it’s blurry or the quality is not great then there is only so much we can do with it

You need a newer smartphone or your own DSLR camera (HD or 4K quality). Anything else might appear blurry. Test out different things and see what works best!

That depends on your location, how many videos and photos you want to shoot, and your goals. It typically ranges from $500-$2k per session.

Yes, for the amount that you order! Everything that you order will be on Google Drive and shared with your team.

We can service just about anywhere, but in Central Florida, we mainly service this area. Typically photoshoots and videos are conducted in Orlando, Winter Park, Winter Springs, Wekiva Springs, Longwood, Apopka, Altamonte Springs, and Kissimmee. If it’s outside of this radius we might be able to accommodate.

You don’t have to but you should! People want to connect with the owner of companies. It makes for a great brand image. That being said if you would rather have someone on your team be on camera we can do that as well.