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Every Small Business Needs To Be On Instagram:

Our Instagram Marketing Company firmly believes every small business should be on Instagram. Social media is essential in today’s world & Instagram is one of the most popular social sites out there. Your audience in fact is on Instagram, you are just not tapping into its potential. We take the guesswork out of marketing. We do all the strategy, editing, scheduling, & maintenance for you. It’s time to get back to running your business & close deals! 

Instagram reels & videos are some of the best ways to engage with your audience. Remember, it’s not just about how many followers you have. It’s about how many active people are on your website & social channels. Grab attention & gain interest with Instagram to scale fas.t Creativity is not something that comes easy to everyone, that is why we offer on-site videography services for small businesses in Central Florida! No more worrying about shooting your own video, save the work for our media team.

There are so many new changes & algorithm news dropping consistently, especially when it comes to Instagram. Our blog page is a resource of information on social media marketing, especially when it comes to Instagram. Our goal is to help as many small business owners compete in an ever-changing digital world. Don’t let your competitors outshine you online. Take back your brand & grow online with the help of COSMarketing Agency!

Instagram Marketing Agency

Your Instagram page is just as important as Facebook when it comes to creating and growing your brand identity. You will also see some similarities between the two of them since META owns both platforms.

Instagram is extremely heavy on visuals (especially videos & reels), and this helps us to raise awareness and create content that engages your customer base.

The platform’s CEO has announced that its algorithm will be targeting video over everything else to determine what content is the most relevant and who should go viral.

On this page, you learn about the different types of IG posts to use and why.

Also, make sure you take a look at our Instagram Advertising page to learn more about how ads work on the platform and why pay-per-click ads on IG are highly desirable. 

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Instagram Stills

Instagram Marketing Stills

What Are Instagram Stills?

Still posts are posts that are not moving (non-video posts). These are image based posts. Still posts on Instagram could also include several photos in one post.

Instagram Stills

Why Do We Need Stills?

We need IG still posts to fill in the gaps in between video posts, as they take a lot more resources to do. Sometimes it makes it easier to read/take in info with stills. 

Instagram Marketing Company

What Happens With Stills?

When we use still posts to promote a business it builds online authority & gives us more online reach. Instagram is used by a VERY large audience, so if you are not there you are missing out on a lot of leads.

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram is an, even more, video-focused platform than FB. IG sees itself as TikTok's biggest competitor, so they want people to use the reels section (which functions a lot like TikTok) as much as possible. Reels are on it's own section of IG & are appearing more often on the platform's standard newsfeed too.

Instagram Marketing Agency

Why Do We Need Reels?

Reels are the cutting edge of new content on social media. Data shows the majority of people are starting to prefer them over regular posts. It's a quick way to get attention to your profiles & it builds a ton of online authority. We can also cross-promote them on FB & IG at the same time, which greatly increases the number of potential customers we can reach.

Instagram Marketing Company Reels

What Happens With Reels?

When we use reels to promote a business we tend to reach a lot more people. Our IG reels drive engagements. Engagements drive website traffic & sales. If you want engaged followers, then reels are fun & effective way to do so. Also, we can use reels in the story feature to promote them further on the platform.

Instagram Story Posts

Instagram Story Marketing

What Are Instagram Story Posts?

Story posts can be photos or videos. They are housed at the top of your newsfeed in those little circles. They are gone after 24 hours. Once you are on the story section content will cycle through on it's own, making it potentially "bingeable." This is a great way to generate brand awareness!

Instagram Story Posts

Why Do We Need Story Posts?

They are good for special limited-time offers. They are also on a different part of the IG newsfeed, which means we get access to more people. They are getting more popular by the day, so it's worth utilizing to maximize that potential growth. A lot of other companies are not using this enough. It gives our customers an edge over their competition.

Instagram Story Analytics

What Happens With Story Posts?

Story posts help give your audience more value. They build authority since it's harder to do. People like seeing the latest content, and stories give the appearance that "this is the latest and greatest things the company is working on." Their 24-hour time frame means we can use special incentives that loyal followers can take advantage of!

Instagram Video Posts

Instagram Video Marketing

What Are Instagram Video Posts?

Instagram videos are not still posts. Anything that is a moving post on IG is a video (except for gifs). Videos are the hottest kind of posts on IG! They are typically under 1-minute in length.

Instagram Video Posts

Why Do We Need Video Posts?

Instagram's CEO announced that they are now considering itself a video platform. People already prefer them because they are more interesting and dynamic. Now the algorithms support this! if you are not using videos you are missing our on a TON of potential customers.

Instagram Video Marketing Agency

What Happens With Video Posts?

When we use IG videos we reach people who are more likely to purchase our services. It builds value to our audience, addresses their pain points, & becomes a salesman for you of sorts. Videos tend to drive engagements & builds a community of people who talk about your brand!

Want to know more about Instagram?

We offer various services for Instagram and other social sites. Instagram is shifting itself to compete directly with all video platforms, such as TikTok. The new algorithm supports video marketing over anything else, making it extremely useful to promote your services and products. Utilize reels & stories to reach more people alongside your videos!