Landing Page Design

Landing pages are somewhat popular. Over the years they’ve jumped around in popularity for the ease of use. Landing Pages work well for small startups and businesses that have very limited cash-flow but want a website.

You’ll find almost these incorporate almost the same style as standard websites. However, you’ll notice that the entire website is just one page as you scroll through.

What is a Landing Page Website?

Landing pages are budget friendly websites that instead of having multiple pages like a standard website, all the information is hyperlinked throughout just one page.

You have two options, one would be to scroll through the entire website (takes about 4-5 minutes to read everything, or you can click a menu item and “Jump” to the section you’re most interested in. You’ll see navigation buttons on the menu, but when you click on them it “speed scrolls” you down to the linked section.

This style site has its advantages and disadvantages. Some people enjoy taking a long scroll through your site, while others have a very short attention span and don’t bother because there’s just too much information and the site is taking forever to load everything.

Depending on your customer base you may or not want to have everything on one page.