Yahoo Search Engine Optimization

Yahoo is one of the larger & longest-running search engines out there!

What is Yahoo best used for? It provides web users with diverse levels of experience with hundreds of thousands of websites and millions of web pages to access at a click of a button!

It also provides one of the best ways to search the web because you can get hyper-specific.

Websites that show up on the first page of Yahoo tend to be FAR more profitable than companies that are not.

Yahoo consumers are actively searching for a solution to their problems. Make sure your company has that solution, & you just earned another customer!

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Yahoo SEO and Marketing

Yahoo search has been around the block for a very long time. They’ve been battling with Bing for search engine ranking.

Today Yahoo and Bing work together and use the same search algorithms!

Browsers like FireFox have decided to switch their default search to Yahoo over Google. This means many consumers will not see your brand unless you are on Yahoo.

Yahoo’s search is very minimalist and often looks like you’re using Google.

A benefit to using Yahoo is less “user tracking.” More and more people today are becoming self-conscious about how they use the internet and are looking for alternatives to the tracking monster that is Google.

Yahoo Business Profiles

Yahoo account creation, optimization, marketing, & maintenance. 

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Why should you have your business on Yahoo?

Businesses on Yahoo reach more prospects & stay at the forefront of consumers’ minds!

We do all the planning, creation of your profiles, advertising, & management for you. Your time is valuable, leave the grunt work to us!

We also track & manage analytics. This information is used to track success in your campaign & is shared with you & your team. 

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How do we track success in Yahoo Search campaigns?

Yahoo search campaigns require the management of data & analytics, just like any other search campaign.

Our data is more advanced than most Agencies. We’ve been doing this collectively for decades & we know with the right information we can outrank your competition faster!

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What happens with Yahoo marketing?

Through Yahoo marketing, you’ll start getting phone calls through people who see you come up on Search or who see ads we ran for you.

Having a high-ranking Yahoo profile for your business means more traffic to your website, & social pages. It can even help aid in your traffic on other search engines!