LinkedIn Marketing Agency

LinkedIn’s platform is widely used as an authority-building social media & has a great reputation among consumers.

Inside, you’ll find personal and business pages, each with its own objectives and tools. LI is often used from business to business. You’re only a few connections away from your target audience whomever they may be!

Also, make sure you take a look at our LinkedIn Advertising page to learn more about how ads work on the platform and why you would want to run pay-per-click ads on LI. 

LinkedIn Posts

What Are LinkedIn Posts?

Posts on LinkedIn can be photos or videos. LinkedIn also is home to a lot of groups & the platform focuses mainly on your local area.

Why Do We Need Posts on LinkedIn?

We use LI to build authority, reach, engagements, & sales. LinkedIn's recommendation section is a great authority builder & can be thought of similarly to a testimonial.

What Happens With These Posts?

Use LinkedIn to build authority in your industry. LI is considered the most professional social site. It gives you the ability to leave people recommendations which essentially is like a Google review but for social media (it's hard to get and highly valuable). Use their "Sales Navigator" as a small lead CRM also!

LinkedIn Shares

What Are LinkedIn Shares?

LI shares are posts in which you click and use the share button. Shared content can be from both personal & business pages on the platform.

Why Do We Need Shares?

Sharing other people's posts helps bring in their followers, gives you more content, and helps connect you with more like-minded people. It builds authority, but only if you use it with other types of content. In general, you do not want to do more shared content than your own content.

What Happens With Shared LI Posts?

Shares typically lead to more views, reach, engagements, connections, & also helps you show other professionals who you align with. This can be a powerful move to show other's how you think without saying it directly. Use shares to brag about a client or colleague you are proud of!

LinkedIn Business Pages

What Are Business Pages?

LI business pages are business only social media pages. They're similar to Facebook business pages where you post, follow, and connect on a business level. Having a business page is essential for data collection & campaign analytics.

Why Do We Need Business Pages?

To build authority. If you are on LI but you don't have a business page you essentially do not look like you have a real business. LI tends to have an adult/older audience. If you want to sell B2B products or services your average person on LI has a higher income than other social sites.

What Happens With Them?

When we use LinkedIn to promote a service it builds arguably the most authority compared to any other social site, since it's very respected. LI is home to a lot of people who swear off FB and IG. Without being on LI we are missing out on thousands of people!

Want to know more about LinkedIn?

If business-to-business fits your specific needs, then this is definitely the platform you need. We offer many services regarding LI and help you position yourself and your company as an authority in your industry.