Website Design and Development

Back in the day, a website was a fancy addition to the business cards you kept in your wallet. Today your website is your ultimate sales tool.!

It should be considered as your digital online presence’s “Home Base” to where all of your digital marketing points back.

We use websites to convert visitors into paying customers. Once y our website is done we use tools related to search marketing to drive traffic to Google & other Search engines.

Website design has evolved. The question remains, does your website make you money or cost you money? Websites are responsible for bringing in trillions of income through many major corporations.

Website Adverstising Services

Our Website Design Services

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What kind of website do I need?

Chances are you’ve already built a website or had someone build one for you. Maybe it didn’t work out for you. 

Our question for you is “did you plan ahead and pick the correct type of website?” More than often we come across business owners with the wrong type and style of the website.

We’ve got to get out of the age-old thought process that your website is an extension of your business card. COSMarketing Agency knows in today’s world websites are authority builders!


You need your website to take all the incoming visitors and push them to do one of three fundamental tasks:

  • Make a purchase on your website.
  • Signup for an email newsletter.
  • Directly contact your company.

How do I get started with a new Website?

Be prepared to answer a few questions about your business. Before we can even give you a price we need to learn enough about you and your business model to figure out what type of website you will benefit from the most.

Some websites are extremely costly while others are short and sweet. Depending on your business you might be able to get away with a lead or sales funnel. Or, you might be looking at a large sophisticated website machine with the purpose of fully educating your potential customers before they’re ready to make a purchase.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to your website, therefore be prepared for us to have a great phone chat about you, your business, and your ultimate business goals. We genuinely want to help you grow and it will require a decent amount of information.