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Twitter started its run way back when 140-character SMS texts were popular.

The idea behind it was that one person could effectively tweet something out to all of their friends at once without having to manually select their friends inside their cellphone.

This led to the platform growing into a fast-paced news agency. Every day people look to Twitter for the most recent news releases.

Due to the internal markup of the platform, it makes search engines extremely happy to see buzz coming from TW. It’s a great way to prove to your prospects that your company is active!

Twitter is home to a unique audience that doesn’t always use other social sites, so you don’t want to miss out on reaching these prospects!

Make sure you take a look at our Twitter Advertising page to learn more about how why you would want to use the platform to run ads.

Twitter Tweets

Twitter Marketing Company

What Are Twitter Tweets?

Tweets are Twitter posts. These posts can be photos, GIFs, or videos. These posts can be found organically on Twitter or by searching by hashtags.

Twitter Marketing Agency - Twitter Marketing Company

Why Do We Need Tweets?

We need tweets because they are good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You can address pain points, reach more people, build value, and aid in brand awareness. They are often used to promote messages, causes, and ideas. 

Twitter Marketing Company

What Happens With Tweets?

We reach a much wider audience on Twitter. Google likes Twitter, so our websites tend to come up more on search too. Many people prefer Twitter over other sites since it's considered less main stream. Some people we will ONLY reach on Twitter, so just being there gives us an advantage.

Want to know more about Twitter?

Twitter is mainly a news platform. It’s designed to break stories quickly and effectively.

This creates a unique type of crowd that always wants to monitor what’s going on. Many TW users often never use any other social media platform.

It solves their craving with present-day drama. Many business owners stay away from the platform in an effort to not be drawn into the drama. However, when you pay another company to handle it for you, you leave out the risk of distraction.

This platform is needed to help boost Search Engine Optimization and let your customers know that your business is active.