eCommerce Design for Websites

We build online stores and lots of them! We have eCommerce design experience with WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify eCommerce content management systems. There are other platforms we can use but we have found these are the most efficient and yield the BEST results!

COSMarketing highly recommends using eCommerce design options WordPress + WooCommerce when building an online store with less than 5000 products and Shopify with larger product inventories. Don’t pay unnecessary money to other website builders! Build it right the first time or suffer extreme consequences and bottlenecks in the future.

We highly recommend having professional photos of all your products ready to go for us to use on your site. without having a clear image of what your products look like most people will simply click away!

Need a professional photoshoot? Our team has a fully mobile studio we can take almost anywhere to shoot your product photos for you!

a picture of a grocery cart representing ecommerce design

WordPress and WooCommerce eCommerce Design

eCommerce design logos for WordPress and Woocommerce

The dynamic duo of internet sales, WordPress and WooCommerce both work harmoniously together to bring great eCommerce design options even the smallest hobbies together for sale on the world wide web. 

The first major benefit is price, both of these programs are 100% free to download and use. All you need to pay for is a website domain name, hosting, and SSL. This can cost roughly $120 a year depending on many options like website hosting speed, bandwidth, etc.

Many other online store builders will automatically start you at $30 + a month and nickel/dime you for added services. 

We highly recommend these two paired together to save you on monthly costs and these will support websites with up to 5000 products easily!

The right eCommerce website/store starts with the right brand. Is your company new or new to the digital age? You might need help building your brand. Our team’s spent over a decade in brand building.

Contact us to discuss your brand marketing needs when you inquire about your website. We are your one-stop-shop & online marketing resource!

Shopify Website Design

Shopify eCommerce design logo

Shopify is a major eCommerce toolkit. Hundreds of thousands of people use the platform efficiently. If you’re looking to have a massive website with well over 5000 products (we’ve built some with over 500,000 products for drop shipping clients).

Why use Shopify?

The platform does one thing and one thing only; online product sales. the problem many people find over the years is that the software itself relies on a lot of additional features. These additional features require monthly subscriptions.

So if you’re a smaller company just getting started, you’ll find quite a hefty amount of overhead just in your Shopify builder. They will accrue tons of additional monthly costs. We’d prefer you place as much money as you can into marketing your store, not paying website fees.

However, if you’re a big-time eCommerce player doing tens of thousands in sales per month, you might want to go this route.