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Why Our Clients Love Our Facebook Marketing Services:

Our Facebook Marketing company provides customized campaigns for small businesses. We know that the Facebook audience thinks & acts differently than other sites. We will tailor all your brand’s content to fit your target audience on the platforms that they care about. 

Having a marketing agency utilize Facebook Groups for marketing is rare nowadays, even though it works very well! This is because most don’t have the staff to do it or the know-how. We also include Facebook marketing as part of our strategy because we know that online groups are the new word of mouth.

Facebook’s algorithms are always changing. We keep up with these algorithm changes so you don’t have to! Having our company manage your Facebook marketing for you means a lot more time back for you to focus on growing your business. Best yet, if you struggle with getting raw content you have access to our videography team to shoot it for you! 

When you work with COSMarketing Agency, you don’t just have a resource to do marketing for you, you have a true growth partner. We are invested in your success & that is why our clients stay with us 5x longer than your typical agency!

How We Build Brands On Facebook Effectively

Facebook Marketing Agency

Your Facebook Business page is a prime location to create and grow your brand identity. Our number one objective is to raise awareness and create content that engages your customer base.

Every platform has its own secret algorithm that it uses to determine what content is the most relevant and who should go viral.

On this page, you’ll learn about the different types of posts to use and why.

Also, make sure you take a look at our Facebook Advertising page to learn more about demographic targeting and why pay-per-click ads are highly desirable.

Facebook Stills

Facebook Marketing Services USA

What Are Facebook Stills?

Still posts are posts that are not moving (non-video posts). Usually they are either just text based or image based. We prefer to use images over text, as they are more popular on social platforms.

Facebook Marketing Company USA

Why Do We Need Stills?

Still posts are important when you want to deliver one message. A still image might be easier for someone to read. It comes down to goals & the platform. We use still posts to fill in the gaps. We can make 2-5 still posts in the same time it takes us to edit one video.

What Happens With Stills?

They can be effective, especially when you use targeting (boosted posts). They are the most common type of posts and are expected by most audiences. If people are short on time they may perceive still posts as "quicker to go through" as well.

Facebook Reels

Facebook Marketing Reels

What Are Facebook Reels?

Reels are like videos but much shorter. These videos are typically under 20 seconds (most of the time about 10 to 15 seconds). These quick videos are shown on the main news feed and the reels section. They are surging in popularity and we tend to reach thousands of people with less ad dollars.

Facebook Video Marketing

Why Do We Need Reels?

Reels are the cutting edge of new content on social media. Data shows the majority of people are starting to prefer them over regular posts. It's typically a quicker way to get attention to your profiles. We can also cross-promote them on FB & IG at the same time, which greatly increases the number of potential customers we can reach.

Facebook Reels Marketing

What Happens With Reels?

When we use reels to promote a business we tend to reach a lot more people. Reels drive engagements. Engagements drive website traffic & sales. You want engaged followers and reels are fun & effective way to do so. Also, we can use reels in the story feature as well & promote them across different social websites. 

Facebook Story Posts

Facebook Story Posts

What Are Facebook Story Posts?

Story posts can be photos or videos. They are housed at the top of your newsfeed in those little circles. They are gone after 24 hours. As marketers, their short time-span gives us some interesting things we can do with this type of content.

Marketing Facebook Story Posts

Why Do We Need Story Posts?

They are good for special limited-time offers. They are also on a different part of the FB newsfeed, which means we get access to more people. They are getting more popular by the day. A lot of other companies are not using this. It gives our customers a serious edge over their competition.

Facebook Meta Story Posts

What Happens With Story Posts?

Story posts help give your audience more value. They build authority since it's harder to do. People like seeing the latest content, and stories give the appearance that "this is the latest and greatest things the company is working on." Build authority online with content like story posts!

Facebook Video Posts

Facebook Video Marketing

What Are Facebook Video Posts?

Videos are moving (dynamic) posts on social media. Anything that is not an image is considered a video post (except for gifs). Videos are the hottest content on the market & the most difficult to produce!

Instagram Video Posts

Why Do We Need Video Posts?

We need videos because they get 3x the response vs still posts in our Agency. The algorithms prefer it. Videos give a lot more info in a quick and fun way. They build value & trust faster. People know videos take A LOT longer to put together, so it makes you look VERY credible quickly.

Facebook Video Marketing Company

What Happens With Video Posts?

When we boost videos it takes it to a whole other level! While the algorithms prefer videos regardless, when you boost a video it gives it that much more reach! Video ads allow us to perform targeting. Targeting allows us to reach people in certain areas based on certain interests. We can also perform negative targeting to remove people who we do not want to see the video ads.

Want to know more about Facebook?

We offer many services in regards to the largest social media platform. Facebook has over 2 Billion users per month, and less than 10% of those users are businesses. This makes the platform ripe for picking up more clients.