Social Media Coaching

Social Media is your new tool that places your business consistently in front of people during their day-to-day activities.

When we started our agency we focused mainly on social media. The reason being its BILLIONS of users are actively looking to be influenced into buying products and services. You can learn more about how we started in this industry here

Social media is like having billboards everywhere your potential customer looks. When you hire a team to create engaging content, you grow your brand’s awareness by 100x every day!

We work with many businesses in different levels of growth starting with “Start-ups.” When you’re on a small fixed budget, building your brand awareness is an important and not-so-easy task. We’re here to help coach you along the way. 

Reach out to us to learn more about our coaching lessons and how to get started reeling in new customers. Once you’ve mastered what we teach you’ll watch your business grow exponentially! 

Social media coaching clients will enjoy learning how to create the copy and content for posts and even how to manage them! How do you measure growth on social media? All this and more we will discuss in our coaching meetings. We even go over your analytics and teach you how to use them to leverage followers. Our goal is to get you followers that are potentially interested buyers. Not bots or passersby consumers. 

Social Media Consulting

Instagram Coaching

Instagram is one of the largest social sites. They recently announced their platform is now a video-focused platform. Are you able to produce multiple videos or reels a week? With the help of COSMarketing Agency, you can! We give you all the tools you need to create and manage your own campaigns. We can even guide you through how to maintain the very same social media management software and tools we use in our own agency! 

Our Instagram coaching helps you learn content creation, page management, & analytics tracking. We also assist with the creative planning process. Need someone to get the content for you? We also offer on-site videography services.

Instagram is also heavily focused on reels. We will help you understand the differences and importance of all types of content. With our help, you will be on your way to managing your Instagram without having to live in fear of another algorithm change! 

Twitter Coaching

Twitter is a smaller niche social media platform. It is one of the only sites where photo and text posts can still gain traction. Their retweet options help to bring in a wider audience. 

Our coaching includes one-on-one training for Twitter, including content creation, page management, & analytics tracking.

We also assist with creativity. What are the best things for you to post for your brand and when? We will take the guesswork out of it!

Twitter posts tend to be a lot different than other social sites, especially when it comes to the copy. We got you covered with all the latest Twitter marketing tips!

Since Twitter is a niche platform many people will ONLY go on Twitter, therefore every post must count! Never worry about how you should tailor your content to different platforms, we do the research, and you just create & manage your content! 

Facebook Coaching

Facebook can be tricky to navigate & manage, as it is the most diverse social media platform. On Facebook, you have posts, stories, reels, videos, events, groups, & much more! 

Our coaching includes one-on-one training on Facebook content creation, page management, & analytics tracking. We also assist with creativity. We know coming up with creative and unique ideas for your Facebook campaign can be just as difficult as the editing and managing process!

Facebook group pages are making waves online. They are today’s “word of mouth” and are a powerful way to reach local prospects in your area. This comes with its own strategy which we build with you step by step.

YouTube Coaching

YouTube is one of the largest social sites and is considered the second-largest search platform (just under Google). YouTube is a video-only platform, so many people do not have the tools to utilize it. Can you edit & manage video posts on a consistent basis? With our team’s help, you can! 

COSMarketing Agency’s YouTube coaching helps you learn content creation, page management, & analytics tracking. We also assist with the creative planning process for your videos. 

YouTube creates friendly connections to Google more than most social sites. We will show you how to cross-promote your YouTube content to maximize your views and engagements! Engagements mean active prospects in your comments, sharing, and generally taking a higher interest in your posts. 

YouTube also uses its own version of reels, called “Shorts.” We also help with the creation, editing, and management process with shorts. We know that anything new social platforms launch could be huge, and Shorts are no exception. Don’t get left behind because you are not using the tools on social media at your disposal! 

LinkedIn Coaching

LinkedIn is the most professional social site there is. Their platform includes posts, videos, and groups. Having a well-optimized profile and recommendations is especially powerful on this platform. Building an audience here is much different on this site as credibility and who you know are #1, are you prepared to use a different strategy for LinkedIn?

COSMarketing Agency’s LinkedIn coaching helps you learn content creation, page management, & analytics tracking. We also assist with the creative planning process for your posts. 

LinkedIn’s audience is much different than other social sites. They want high-quality and high-value content. Making connections and being a part of the platform is essential. How social are you on LinkedIn? We not only help you create and manage content but we help you utilize LinkedIn to get yourself leads you can directly speak to. 

If you are looking to gain more online reputation and grow your following with like-minded people LinkedIn might be the place for you! We can help you target your leads based on location, skills, career, and much more. Don’t do your own campaign, have an expert on LinkedIn help you so you can get the kind of response you always wanted on their highly coveted platform.

Want to know more about Social Media Coaching?

Coaching is a lower-cost alternative to having us take over and manage your business and marketing for you. However, it will only be as effective as the hard work and determination you put into it. On quite a few cases over the years, we have had multiple businesses pay us for consulting yet never once did they do what needed to be done. This is not the type of relationship we want to be in moving forward. If you want our help do us both a favor and follow through. We are professionals and know what must be done give us your attention, and we’ll teach you what you need to grow your business.