Digital Branding Services Under Our Roof

We’re here to build your brand into something you want to be proud of and your customers will want to be a part of.

When it comes to marketing, branding is EVERYTHING! At COSMarketing Agency, we don’t just provide marketing services, we build brands. A brand is a particular identity or image regarded as an asset. We create all unique custom-made logos, banners, and brand identifiers.

Why Branding Is Important:

There is a lot of detail that goes into what we do and why we do it. What message are you trying to convey to your audience? Who is your target market? All of these factors in when we are creating a brand design. 

Additionally, your company receives all your brand files. You get access to everything on Google Drive so you can use your branding on business cards, posts, and your website, the possibilities are endless. 

Brand flow across different social platforms is important. Your Facebook audience is going to be different than your LinkedIn audience. The branding we create for you will be adaptable for all platforms and tailored to meet the prospects on those platforms. 


What To Expect In Brand Coaching Meetings:

Brand coaching is where we help you create the ideas, edit, and manage your own social media campaign. Learn how to beat the algorithms, gain more followers, and drive engagements. We help you grow your business on social media the RIGHT way. No bot followers or cutting corners. Everything we teach you is real measurable growth and we can help you do this across multiple platforms. 

Before you start any campaign you need a plan, this is essential especially on social media. How do you reach an engaged audience on Facebook vs YouTube? Are your LinkedIn leads different than Twitter leads? We guide you through every step of the way in monthly video sessions or calls. In between meetings we are there for you and check in about your progress. We provide you research and analytics that are based on what is trending TODAY because we know what mattered last week or last month on social media is old news. It’s all about what is happening NOW.

How Branding Affects Your Bottom Line:

Branding affects your bottom line because branding done the right way creates awareness. If your prospects are not aware of you they will not buy from you. When your prospects see frequent high-quality posts on social media it put your company in a position of authority. Prospects assume if you are able to put our new and exciting content (especially video) on a regular video you must have an established business. Everyone wants to buy from an established company because they assume that they can get the job done! Never underestimate what branding can do for you.