T-Shirt and Polo Shirt Designing

We’re not kidding when we say that your brand is extremely important to the success of your endeavors!

Showing up in front of your prospect dressed in the appropriate attire could be enough to seal the deal. It certainly puts you in a position of an authority who is serious about their company.  

In today’s age of digital marketing, people often forget things that are physically tangible matter as well.

Your digital media talks the talk, but does your business image in person walk the walk? 

We offer top to bottom brand design that will help you stand out from the competition!

T-Shirt Design

Professional T-Shirt and Polo Designs

T-Shirt Design

Our clients love our attention to detail!

If you’re looking to provide your employees with the most professional and best-looking attire possible or you need one yourself, book an appointment with our design team.

We will walk you through the design process step by step until you have a finished product that you or your employees will be proud to wear! 

We will need to know what type of shirts and clothing you want to be designed, how many variations you need, & what material you want to use.

We prefer to use high-quality materials so your clothing lasts A LOT longer. A thicker or more resilient fabric gives us more options with our design as well.

We can design women’s shirts, men’s shirts, unisex shirts, tank tops, polos, jackets, & t-shirts. We require a slightly different design and printing process. Some shirts are painted on while others can only be embroidered. 

All the variables will alter the prices including the quantity and sizes you need to order. We can place the order through our vendors, or we can simply provide you with the designs and you can shop around to find your own deal!

Don’t have a logo for your brand yet? Our design team can help you with that & any other of your brand needs.

The best part of our apparel design is the fact we make everything 100% custom for you! Your brand needs to be interesting & compelling to stand out, which is why both customization & quality are a MUST for our team!

Fully Customized Shirt Designs

T-Shirt Design Template

Many of our clients are in blue-collar industries where polo works the best to provide the sense of professionalism that your current prospects are looking for.

Our appeal design services are especially popular among cleaning companies, lawn care, pest control, tree removal, construction, or related companies, although it is a good fit for other industries as well. 

With today’s internet age, anyone could technically perform almost any service as a freelancer. Freelancers & “side-hustle” people make your industry less trusting, therefore showing up to a customer location with a wrapped vehicle &branded uniform will help quell your customer’s distrust. This gives you a HUGE leg up on your competitors! 

Our clients also choose to attend various trade shows to promote their business and score connections with the right types of people. Sometimes a suit and tie are too much, but a branded shirt can get the job done!