Interactive Website Design

Depending on your business model, you might have the need for something truly immersive and interactive. If you business is centered around just one product and you need your visitors to fully understand that product, then this is the website for you.

There are many websites out there that have interactive features. Depending on your needs, the price could get quite hefty. We need to have a formal meeting and fully discuss what types of functionality you are looking for. 

Why Interactive?

Sometimes the best way to convey a message and spread the word about your product, service, or cause it to build something people can interact with.

The level of interactivity can be anything from minimal before and after sliders to full website immersive experiences into the wild unknown. 

We used to build fully interactive websites and games on Macromedia Flash in 2004. Most of us remember those days when the internet was fresh and new.

Today websites have dropped the Flash program and we’ve entered a new realm full of customer codes.

Common Interactive Website Options

Many websites have just enough interactiveness to keep visitors enticed and stay on their websites for a little bit longer. Why? Because Google and other search engines pay close attention to how long people stay on your pages. This is a major ranking factor that we talk about in our SEO pages. 

Many of our service industry clients utilized the “before and after” slider tool that allows people to drag a bar across a photo to see how that services made changes.

Another popular option is a customer interactive slide on the top of your page that allows people to watch and interact with a slideshow.

More advanced options take up the whole page and as your viewer scrolls through, different items appear, move, unfold, and disappear. 

List of Interactive Options

Interactive websites can include many of the following items. We recommend you write down a few that you’re interesting in if you would like to learn more or see them in action.

  •  Hover effects
  • Background movies and effects
  • Parallax scrolling effects
  • Before and after sliders
  • Moving images and headlines
  • Text effects
  • Interactive photo journeys
  • Countdowns
  • Games
  • Introductions
  • Pop ups
  • Distortions
  • and much more..