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We are a DuckDuckGo SEO company that delivers results. DuckDuckGo aka DDG allows us to target and send potential customers to you from search results.

Users of DuckDuckGo are different than your average consumer & typically privacy is VERY important to them.

We utilize advanced optimization techniques to help you come up with the DuckDuckGo searches your ideal audience is looking at. 

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DuckDuckGo SEO Company and Marketing

DuckDuckGo is revolutionizing how we use internet searches.

You’ve probably heard and seen some of their recent ads. The platform uses technology to actually block tracking scripts from following you when you search. If you are worried about privacy, DuckDuckGo is your search engine of choice!

You’ll also find much less censored information on DuckDuckGo. Because information is not tracked on their platform, it’s rather hard to rank on their platform with SEO. Our seasoned experts have the know-how & the time to do it for you!

DDG gets its search relevance information from a group of over 200 other websites that rank information online. In order to rank for DDG, you will need to rank on Google, Bing, and Yahoo first. That is why we utilize Google marketing alongside most of our DuckDuckGo plans!

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DuckDuckGo page creation, DDG Marketing, Page Optimization, Ad Campaigns, & DuckDuckGo Maintenance

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Why is DuckDuckGo great for your business?

DuckDuckGo is quickly growing in steam with over 100 million active searches a day!

We do all the planning, page building, advertising, ads, & maintenance on DuckDuckGo go you. This not only saves you time but gives you access to a unique network of millions of people!

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What happens with DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo is home to a unique audience. These are often times people who swear off Google. If you are not reaching out to people on DDG you are missing out on business!

Their interface pulls information from other search sites. Its synergy means we can connect that with other parts of your SEO plan. Your DuckDuckGo can connect with Google, Yahoo, & any other relevant search engine.

Since DuckDuckGo is not as large as other search engines your chances of outranking your competitors go up! Contact us to discuss what DuckDuckGo & other search engines like it can do for your business.