Facebook Advertising

Facebook – also now known as Meta, is still the largest social media platform on the internet today. There are over 2 billion monthly Facebook users. Aside from Google, this is the next best place to place advertisements.

Facebook is known for filling up users’ timelines with actual relevant ads customer tailored to their unique experiences and things they like.

When you employ the correct Facebook advertising company to handle your Facebook ads, you’ll be able to directly tap into and position yourself directly in front of your ideal customer.

Facebook Advertising

What Is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Advertising

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are ad campaigns that run on the largest social media platform. These ads are usually shown in two formats; photo and video. When using these ads you can target based on gender, interests, and physical location.

Facebook Advertising Retargeting

Why do we need Facebook Advertising?

We need Facebook ads for their amazing re-targeting pixel capabilities. Most social media platforms prefer to run ads over organic posts. With 2 billion monthly users, timelines can’t physically hold all the posts. There is just too much going on.

A directly targeted Facebook ad positions you right in front of your ideal customer. 90% of the time because your customer is actually choosing to kill time on their phone. This ad performs much better than a billboard when driving past at 70+ miles an hour.

Facebook Advertising Company

What happens with Facebook ads?

When we run Facebook advertising we reach a much more engaged larger audience. Getting to the timelines of people actually interested in what we offer is a game-changer and makes a huge difference with online authority.