Microsoft Bing Search Engine Optimization

As with many large companies out there, the fight to control internet searches is ruthless.

Google will most likely always be first place when it comes to search engines and customer traffic. However, there are many other search engines that have the traffic you want to utilize too with WAY less competition.

Microsoft Bing is an important search engine because it picks up the people who have bought brand new computers and may choose to use the Microsoft Edge browser instead of Chrome.

Bing also comes included in many smartphones & computers. It’s popular among a niche crowd that is simply tired of Google as a company. 

Our job as search engine specialists is to make sure that we can get your company website visible across ALL search platforms to maximize your traffic and online sales potential!

Bing Marketing Plan - Bing Search Engine Marketing

Bing Search Engine

Bing Search Engine Optimization - Bing Search Engine Marketing

Bing is one of the largest search engines today!

When search engines were just starting out we had Archie, JugHeadm Vlib, Excite,,,,,,,,,, and more. 

Then Google came on the scene & changed everything! Other search engines like Bing compete with Google for attention. 

Currently, Bing is home to over 900 million searches! This makes it a powerhouse on the rise that one day might just compete with Google, that is why we want your business to be prepared. We will utilize this for you, so you don’t miss out on prospects!

Microsoft Bing SEO and Marketing

Microsoft is primarily known for “Windows”. However, they dabble in many different industries.

Bing is their search platform and it brings in a good 200+ million searchers a month.

Most of the people using Bing are anti-Google and it’s a good platform to reach people you would not normally find if your focus was only on one search engine.

Bing comes as the default search engine on all windows computers, and ironically the number 1 search people perform on Bing is “Google”. Luckily for you, Bing isn’t really that hard to rank on if you’re already paying for Google SEO.

Bing Search Engine Marketing

Bing Search Engine SEO & Ad Campaigns

Bing Search Engine Marketing Analytics - Bing Search Engine Marketing

Why use Bing for your business?

Bing is the default search engine on many devices. It is home to a unique crowd that often has sworn off Google entirely.

Use Bing to quickly out-rank your competition when optimized properly with your website & Google campaign.

We have seen Bing optimization be used to outrank giant enterprise-level corporations.

The more traffic we can drive to your business the higher ranking your Google profile will be as well. Using multiple search engines at the same time makes things work faster and MUCH more effectively. 

Bing Search Engine Marketing

What happens with Bing Marketing?

Through Bing, you will receive more traffic to your website & will aid in brand awareness. 

Great ranking on Bing helps with online reputation. Most people on Bing won’t scroll for more than a few seconds to get to what they are looking for. You have to be at the top of the most relevant searches to get found!

Answer your Bing leads quickly, as these are considered VERY hot leads!