Instagram Advertising

Instagram has been all the rave for quite some time. The original image media-sharing platform has been working hard to get into the video industry.

Instagram advertising is here to stay, however, it is changing with the wind at the moment. Strategies for Instagram marketing and advertising are continually evolving as the platform makes large changes to its structure.

Instagram Advertising and marketing

Instagram Advertising

What Are Instagram Ads - Instagram advertising

What are Instagram Ads?

Instagram advertising uses ad campaigns that run on the Instagram social media platform. These ads can be shown in two formats, Photo, and Video. When using these ads you can target based on gender, interests, and physical location.

Instagram ads agency - Instagram advertising

Why do we need Instagram Ads?

We need Instagram ads for retargeting capabilities. The Instagram platform prefers to run ads over organic posts. When paying for ad space, your organic content is much more likely to be shown. 

The difference is intense, sometimes doubling the traffic on your organic posts just by having a few ads running at the same time.

Instagram ads agency - Instagram advertising

What happens with IG ads?

When we run Instagram ads we reach a larger and much more engaged audience.

The focus is on positioning your ideal audience to see your posts in their timelines. By targeting the correct audience demographics, you’ll build your online authority much faster. The more people you reach, the larger your target audience and following grow.