Google Search Engine Optimization

Google is the largest search engine on our planet!

Google alone handles 3.8 million searches per minute on average across the globe! That comes out to a whopping 228 million searches per hour, 5.6 billion searches per day, or 2 trillion searches per year!

Websites that show up on the first page of search results get multitudes of incoming traffic.

The best thing about this traffic is the people visiting. They’re already actively searching for a solution to their problems, if your company has that solution, you just earned another customer!

Your company cannot afford to miss out on what Google has to offer.

Google Marketing Strategy

The Google Search Engine

Google is the ultimate powerhouse of search engines today!

If you remember back in the day (yes we’re a bit old) search engines were just starting out. We had Archie, JugHeadm Vlib, Excite,,,,,,,,,, and a whole bunch more before Google. 

How did Google overtake them? They focused on one core factor – their user experience.

People were struggling to find what they were looking for. Google today has 5.6 billion searches every day thanks to its hard dedication to bringing the best results possible for its users performing searches.

It’s now the largest & most important Search engine to businesses on the planet by a WIDE margin! 

Google Business Profiles

Previously known as Google MyBusiness (GMB), and Google+

What are Google Business Profiles?

Business Profiles are part of each search engine’s map section.

We build a business profile so that you can be seen and people can interact directly with your business without leaving the map.

It also gives you the ability to create posts, leave reviews, post pictures, launch engaging videos, & more!

Why use Google Business Profiles?

Google Business Profiles are the most popular section of search results.

They allow you to quickly out-rank your competition when optimized properly with your website.

These profiles are generally the best way to outrank giant enterprise-level corporations.

The more reviews we can drive to your business the higher ranking your Google Business profile will be as well.

What happens with Google Business Profiles?

You’ll start getting phone calls quickly and directly from people on Google Maps. 

With Google’s Business Profile you will be able to share your reputation and post messages and deals to drive more traffic.

There is also a direct messaging section that allows customers to reach out to you with questions. Answer them quickly as these are considered VERY hot leads!

Google Search Engine Analytics

The ultimate analytics tool for monitoring where your traffic is coming from. We use this tool to show us which search engines bring you the most traffic to your website.

What are Google Analytics?

Analytics are measuring tools that we use to understand what’s going on with your website and what kind of traffic you have.

Understanding the data on users visiting your site will help us determine the best marketing avenues.

Analytics also tells us a lot about our audience that we can use to help aid in your branding & social media campaigns.

Why do we need analytics data?

Without analytics, we cannot effectively track how well our ads and optimization are working.

We need to see if our efforts are bringing you traffic in order to adjust accordingly.

If your ads are struggling, this data will help us pinpoint the issues and make changes.

Our data will also help us understand your audience more. We can utilize this to help aid & adapt our Search Engine Marketing strategies as well! 

What happens with Google Analytics?

With Search Engine analytics, we can see what pages customers are visiting, where they’re from, what devices they’re using, how long they’re visiting, and how they stumbled on your website.

This data is also crucial for diagnosing website bugs and issues. 

Our data helps us understand our audience to adapt & appeal to what they want.