Social Media Marketing and Management

When companies come to us, the first question asked is typically “which social media accounts should we be using?”

We prefer our clients to at a bare minimum have the top 5. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Depending on your unique business, Pinterest holds a serious amount of power when marketing specific products.

All our work is unique, we NEVER reuse content. We custom-make all posts because you deserve better. 

Facebook Marketing Agency

Facebook boasts one of the largest user bases. As the largest social media site on the internet today, Facebook has more than two billion users per month. 

More than 200 million businesses are currently taking advantage of Facebook (META) tools and over 7 Million are using paid ads to promote their businesses.

Facebook is very simple to get started with, however without a strong strategy thats focuses on “engagements,” you will have a hard time finding your way to success.

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YouTube Marketing Agency

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, next to its owner: Google. Over two million users login and watch over a “BILLION” hours of video each day.

You’ll see us mention YouTube very often. It’s just so powerful that we cannot ignore it. When using video marketing properly, your business will attract 3x more attention from your potential buyers. 

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Instagram Marketing Agency

Instagram is a purely visual-style platform. If your business has products or services, you need to share eye-catching and engaging photos on Instagram. On the IG app you’ll find multiple forms of media from photos to reels, and even live videos.

Instagram has recently announced that they have shifted to become a video content priority platform.

Many users are confused and struggling to keep up with the new video-based search algorithm inside. The platform is suffering from growing pains, however, the people who have trained marketers at their fingertips and taking wild advantage of the current chaos.

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Pinterest Marketing Agency

Pinterest is typically used by creators of products.

The platform is widely known for artists and do-it-yourself users to find inspiration. The idea is for users to “Pin” things that they are interested in. The products that get pinned have a 7x chance of being bought. Pinterest has over 450 million monthly users.

If you have a product for sale, Pinterest is an absolute must. You’ll find it to be a quick way to be able to generate a crowd of interested buyers. If your product is still in development it will also help you gauge interest and possibly make much-needed alterations before you’ve finished your product design process.

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Twitter Marketing Agency

Twitter is a platform that is always in the news. Why? Because Twitter actually serves as a news platform for almost half a billion monthly users.

Besides that, major search engines love to crawl through tweets and retweets of information. 

The tweeting crowd is a unique crowd. However, it is widely known that most of its own users do not use any other platform. By not marketing your products and services on Twitter, you’re actually missing out on 400 million pairs of eyes.

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LinkedIn Marketing Agency

LinkedIn is the business social media network for professionals looking to get away from all the other platform drama.

What started once as a job search engine, is now a major platform for industry experts sharing their own personal brands. The platform currently hosts 250 million professionals on a monthly basis.

LinkedIn’s business pages help you reach a network of professionals that would actually be quite unobtainable anywhere else. The strategy is to slowly but surely brand out and connect with those in your field of interest, so that one day you can get a one-on-one elevator pitch opportunity.  

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Social Media Management Agency

There are several platforms out there on which you can easily lose yourself and all of your time. The ones we’ve spoken about here are what we consider the most important. We have years of experience inside each one.

We’re an agency that takes the reigns and stops you from wasting countless hours trying to figure out what to even say.

Social media is not a job for your family members to handle. Let us prove to you (as we have done to over 100 other companies) that your social media needs a full-blown strategy to get it firing on all cylinders!

When you pair up social media marketing, advertising, and search engine marketing you create a major powerhouse of publicity and branding.

Social Media is already 11x more effective than your roadside billboard, yet companies are still paying tens of thousands per month on billboards today. This is your chance to take advantage of a not-so-saturated marketing avenue.

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