Our Digital Marketing Agency Portfolio

Take a look at our digital marketing agency portfolio highlighting some of our past work. We work one on one with our clients to grow their brands through digital marketing media. Not every post is the same and certain companies require certain additional needs.  

Remember. All our work is unique, we NEVER reuse content. You deserve better. 

computer from a digital marketing agency portfolio

What to Expect When Working with Our Team

When you work with our team, not only can you expect custom strategy, but also custom-tailored content. You want to stand out on social media, not blend in the background.

We also use the best marketing talent to get the job done. Our team is hand-picked for each project to be the best fit for your company’s vision!

More leads and higher quality leads are something else you can expect when working with us. We know that capturing attention online is no easy task. Let’s take the burden off you and your team! We have a provide track record of success and because of this our clients typically stay on board for years!

COSMarketing Agency also provides careful management of all your websites and social accounts. We take your company very seriously and treat it like our own. Quality matters!

We will be your one-stop shop for all things marketing. If it involves something digital we can do it. There are no limits to our team. If it’s outside of digital we may even have a contact for you. We want you to sit back, relax, and focus on your business rather than worrying about your next post or how to design that new business card for your team. That makes us not just an Agency, but a growth partner!

Digital Marketing Agency Portfolio Example #1:

Google Business Profile (GMB) campaign case study digital marketing example

Google Business Profile (GMB) Campaign Case Study

This case study involves a brick & mortar restaurant business. They had us create, manage, & advertise their GMB, multiple social media profiles, & SEO. We also created a new website for them.

Their target audience was wide from teenagers to seniors. Their goal was more traffic to their search profiles & more patrons in their restaurant. 

Their GMB profile went from 2 reviews to an impressive 20 in just 2 weeks! In this short time, they also sent up over 100k views, 50k searches, & 200k media views. This translated into HUNDREDS of customers coming to their location!

Digital Marketing Agency Portfolio Example #2:

YouTube content marketing & ad campaign case study examples for digital marketing

Digital Marketing Agency Portfolio: YouTube Content Marketing & Ad Campaign Case Study

Here we can see analytics that pertains to a pest control company. We provided posts & ad campaigns on their YouTube channel. 

They sent from 5 subscribers to almost 100 in just a couple of months. Their views were practically non-existent, but in a short time, they were regularly connecting with over 20k profiles! 

The result was more website traffic & calls to their business. The content that we made directly helped them close more deals & get the consistent income in their business they were looking for! 

Digital Marketing Agency Portfolio Example #3:

Facebook marketing campaign study digital marketing example

Facebook Marketing Campaign Case Study

This example shows an eCommerce company that we worked with that sells clothing online, mainly to a female audience.  

Besides Facebook, we also helped them grow their Instagram & website. 

These analytics were pulled from a month’s time. Their impressions & engagements increased both by 3.5x! Their fans (active followers) increased by over 250 in this short time. 

Digital Marketing Agency Portfolio Example #3:

Car Wrap Design Benefits

Digital Marketing Agency Portfolio: Car Wrap Design Benefits & Examples

A Car Wrap design on your vehicle creates a professional statement for your prospects. It’s highly recommended for most companies, especially if you’re a service-based business. Whether you have a small car or a large truck we can design an eye-catching vehicle wrap for you! On your car wrap, we can have your branding, before and afters, testimonials, your social pages, & even QR codes that people can scan to go directly to your site! See some examples of our car wrap design below.

Digital Marketing Agency Portfolio Example #4:

Digital Design Marketing Examples

Digital Marketing Agency Portfolio: Digital Design Marketing & Examples

Our digital design services are some of our most diverse. We can design including but not limited to logos, banners, websites, business cards, photo posts, video posts, reels, story posts, car wraps, brochures, and more! 

All our designs are uniquely created for your company for the specific purpose of generating interest which encourages your prospects to contact you and book meetings. Below are some examples of our digital design work.

Digital Marketing Agency Portfolio Example #5:

Social Media Marketing Examples

Digital Marketing Agency Portfolio: Social Media Marketing Post Examples

It’s no secret that in today’s world social media is important and content is king! The majority of our work involves design and social media content for this reason. When you advertise correctly on social media you create a brand and interest. Interest creates action in prospects that contact you about your products and services. It’s a time-consuming process in which you need to be creative to do it effectively. Luckily we are a team of creatives with an endless stream of ideas! 

We utilize the photos and videos you give us and turn them into awesome posts to build your brand! Check out some examples of our posts below from our digital marketing agency portfolio and take a deep dive into our work, and our methodology, or just to get more info on how marketing works check out our YouTube channel!

Digital Marketing Agency Portfolio Example #6:

Website Revamping and Maintenance

Website Revamping and Maintenance

Your website is essential to your business and is basically your online brick-and-mortar. It needs to look good, comply with Google, and provide the right kind of information so your prospects take action. We often have clients from our digital marketing agency portfolio who need a partial or full website revamp. 

Here is an example of this for a Soft Washing and Pressure Washing company in the Central Florida area. This client came to us and needed an updated logo & website design. We made their website more visually interesting and user-friendly. Also, prior to us working with them they didn’t have proper On-Site Search Engine Optimization, which we updated as well. Their website now sports a beautiful video on the home page and some of their other sub-pages. We also added regular blog content to their site, increasing their ranking significantly! This client upgraded later to having us do all their digital marketing for them, including social media. 


Digital Marketing Agency Portfolio Example #7:

YouTube Channel Redesign and Optimization

YouTube Channel Redesign & Optimization

When it comes to social media sites, YouTube is one we HIGHLY recommend. The reason is, it’s part social site and part search engine. YouTube leads tend to be better prospects because they are looking to solve problems and are very active. 

This client from our digital marketing agency portfolio needed to revamp their YouTube channel. This Tree Removal and Pest Control business needed local clients in the South Florida area, in particular Miami. Their ideal clients were both residential and commercial, with larger residential properties being preferred. Prior to working with us their YouTube channel wasn’t optimized and didn’t have thumbnails. We went into their account and optimized their channel along with some of their older videos. We came up with a comprehensive schedule of content that included informative but fun videos with eye-popping thumbnails! The result led to a tremendous increase in their YouTube views and their website ranking.