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COSMarketing Agency team employs experts in every aspect of digital marketing careers and sales. Our company is mainly comprised of experts in social media, sales, search, optimization, ads, content creation, website management, business coaching, and automation.

We typically work with industry experts and on average they have 5 to 10+ years experience in their perspective fields.

Our Agency also has an intern program for those wanting to break into the industry. Interns will be shadowing experienced marketing managers and will be given the opportunity to advance in the company if they meet qualifications.

Currently were looking mainly for help in our sales department. Our sales people would need a positive attitude and some experience with marketing or an understanding of how it works. We are looking for go getters who want to make serious money and are ready to work! Most importantly you must be a team player and enjoy helping others. 

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Our Ideal Job Candidates for Digital Marketing Careers

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Since we work one-on-one with all our clients, ideal job candidates for digital marketing careers in our company would have a love of communication. Collaboration is key to what we do and we connect with our clients on a recurring monthly basis to discuss progress and goals. This all the more important for anyone in our sales department. Depending on position in the company weekly video chats or phone calls with leads or clients will be apart of the job. 

Data collection and analytics is included in all our campaigns. Our team provides our clients with comprehensive analytics periodically to track and manage progress. Our ideal job candidates would already have this tracking software, especially if they are in social media, ad management, search optimization, or a related industry. The more data we can collect for our clients, the more successful our campaigns are. 

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Digital Marketing Careers Thought Leaders and Game Changers

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Our company is comprised of thought-leaders and future industry game-changers. We frequently meet up or do video chats simple to bounce ideas off of each other. This is not just a team but a culture. 

Our company culture is based around talent, collaboration, and creativity. We have a passion for what we do and a love of helping others. Does that sound like something you would want to be apart of? Send us your resume and three reference to to apply! Check out our about page for more on why we do what we do.