Vehicle Wrap Designing

Wrapping your company car or truck is an investment that pays off rather quickly. When you take the time to promote your business in such a professional way as wrapping, you do not go unnoticed. 

Many of our clients score additional work when they’re off at a job site or local neighborhood. This is because essentially what it is is a “moving billboard.” It also shows your prospects you are serious & mean business. If vehicle wrap design wasn’t massively effective, then most companies wouldn’t participate. Nowadays if you are in a service-based industry it is almost essential to be competitive! 

Our team creates all custom-tailored car wrap designs for all shapes & vehicle types. Big or small, we can do the job! The best part is your get ALL your brand files, so you can re-use them as you wish. 

We make sure the team who is doing the wrap design install has the correct files they need to do the job. We even have contacts that can help you with the installation if you do not have your own team to do it, contact us to learn more!

Everything is delivered in high-resolution, so people can clearly see your vehicle wrap design up close or far away.

We can even include QR codes on your wrap so that people can use them to go directly to somewhere on your website. Don’t have a website designed yet? We can make one for you!

Car Wrap Design Services - Vehicle Wrap Design

Some Examples of our Vehicle Wrap Design Work

Vehicle Wrap Design
Vehicle Wrap Design
Truck Wrapping Design Services - Vehicle Wrap Design

Why Wrap Your Vehicle?

Vehicle Wrap Design

Here’s a question. What type of print media is infinitely more effective than a billboard? If you answered “vehicle wrap” then you’re definitely not new to this game. 

Wrapping your vehicle instantly turns your car or truck directly into its own version of a mobile billboard.

You can choose where to park your car and advertise wherever you want. If you have a long commute, sit in traffic, visit customer locations, and use your vehicle for personal use, then wrapping it with your business info will help you grab more attention throughout the day.

Just be weary about road rage, you don’t want to be remembered for flipping someone off, tailgating, speeding, or reckless driving. Your brand image could suffer.

Our clients who wrap their vehicles typically see 2.5-3.5x the ROI than our clients who don’t. Want to increase your company’s prospect base today? Call or text us at 407-334-937 & book an appointment.

What to Expect During Vehicle Wrap Design

Vehicle Wrap and Branding Services

Designing your vehicle wrap will take some time. First we will need to know the exact make / model / year vehicle that you plan to wrap. Then we will work with you to design the color, logo, and message you want to portray to the public.

Price will vary greatly on the type of body. Small cars may take less material to wrap. However, many body curves and angles might make the wrap more labor intensive. Large trucks might take much more material, but sprinter vans have less curves and flatter surfaces to work with.

Wrapping multiple vehicles at once could save you a serious amount of money. Digital wrap printing machines take time to set up properly to print the multiple sheets of vinyl. If the wrap application team has back to back jobs, they typically can get all the following jobs done much faster.