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4 Benefits of hiring a Marketing Agency before the end of the year.

Here are 4 benefits of hiring a marketing agency before the end of the year.

  • Benefit # 1:
    • Marketing now for the Holidays will increases sales.
  • Benefit # 2:
    • The sooner you start now the stronger 2023 will be.
  • Benefit # 3:
    • If businesses don’t spend their money on marketing now, uncle tax man will take it from them anyway.
    • Taxes cost your business money, Marketing makes your business money.
  • Benefit # 4:
    • Hiring an agency takes unneeded stress off of the owners while they deal with the holidays and end-of-year sales.

4 benefits of hiring a marketing agency

4 Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency in the 4th Quarter of 2022:

Now that we are in the final quarter of 2022 it’s time to start to evaluate your current business goals before 2023 sneaks by us! How do you advertise when you don’t have the time or the know-how to do so? The answer might be hiring a marketing agency to help you!

There are many types of agencies from print, traditional broadcasting, public relations companies, & most commonly digital marketing agencies. Digital marketing agencies usually focus on advertising their clients on online platforms (like social media sites & blogs) & on search engines (like Google & Bing). Digital marketing agencies can differ greatly in skill level and specialties. Make sure to do your research before hiring anyone. 

We know your business needs to utilize marketing to find its customers. Small businesses and start-ups often leverage more time than dollars when it comes to their marketing plans. For example, their marketing might be purely related to networking, partnerships, and events. Things that take a great deal of time and energy to put together and maintain these relationships. There are also a lot of hard costs to events like printing flyers, brochures, business cards, etc for events too. Digital marketing not only saves you time but can save you money in the long run. Not only because time IS money but because their work could potentially produce 2-3x the results that you would get on your own. 


Holiday Marketing Is here

Holiday Marketing Can Increase Your Bottom Line:  

Consumers used to shop in person in malls going from store to store to find the best deals on the presents their loved ones want during the holidays. But in today’s age of mobile everything, social media, and digital shopping, online marketing agencies have rapidly become the primary mode of engagement to spread the word about seasonal offerings. This means to be competitive digital marketing, especially around the holidays, is not just a maybe, it’s essential!

Digital marketing agencies will make sure you have almost constant access to prospects online through content & ads. This is especially important in the holiday months as we are flooded with more eager buyers than usual. Not sure how much business your company is making this holiday season? Digital marketing can help your lead flow stay consistent during the holidays! This extra boost can take you into 2023 already in an incline of growth instead of stagnation. If you are struggling to get leads on your own chances are in 2023 it will not be better but possibly worse to the point you will risk closing down completely. 

Hire a digital marketing agency

Hiring a marketing agency now will prime you for next year:

Marketing agencies are responsible for your business’s success. If your business isn’t making money, the agency isn’t making money! Waiting until 2023 to start marketing is no longer an option with the right company by your side because it frees up countless hours you will need to do it yourself. 

Don’t wait until the holidays are here. Avoid holiday marketing stress by being prepared! Start planning in November at the latest. It’s best to start as early as August if possible. If sales are slow now the influx of traffic during the holidays won’t always trickle down to you. Without regular content and presence on social media and search how will people find you? 

The majority of small business owners do not make special offers during the holidays. The ones that do are the ones you hear about. Marketing agencies who are experienced in strategy and brand awareness know how to showcase the quality of your work and present it to the masses. These strategies change and adapt around the holidays. They “speak” to prospects in different ways on different platforms. If this does not sound appealing to you chances are hiring someone else to do it for you is your best bet.

Save money on taxes through marketing

Spend Money on Marketing or Risk Giving it Away in Taxes:

Additionally, many business owners do not know that marketing costs are typically 100% tax-deductible. We all know that Uncle Sam ALWAYS wants to be paid! Saving up money now can actually be costing your business money later in taxes. 

We all know that businesses have to pay all their taxes on their own. Many business owners struggle to come up with expenses that “might” quality as business deductions. They often include things that can get them in trouble with the IRS. The IRS knows for a fact marketing is an essential expense. Don’t risk damage to your business fudging numbers in order to pay less taxes. Marketing will off set much of that and will lower your amount you have to pay to Uncle Sam! 

Also keep this in mind, the majority of small to medium-size businesses don’t have enough digital marketing budgeted into their plan and pricing model to create measurable scalable growth month to month. Small business owners need to understand the real-world investment in their marketing & budget accordingly. Small businesses should be especially careful to include marketing in their budget and to do this they may consider increasing their service cost to accommodate. After the pandemic, it became clear who were the companies that were going to stick around and those who weren’t. It was the companies that advertised and raised their pricing as needed that will stand the test of time! Without the right marketing plan growth will be very difficult to achieve through self made marketing efforts.

Brand awareness should be an important focus if your company is new or new online as well. Unless your brand fits a 100% necessary service that only YOU provide, it will be hard to have prospects find you from word of mouth alone. If you’re willing to commit to a long-term strategy, consider dedicating a higher percentage of your profits towards building brand recognition for the first couple of years. 


Build trust in your brand

A marketing team will help relieve stress during the holidays:

Another thing to keep in mind is how stressful the holidays can sometimes be. You have endless events, tons of presents to think about buying, and lots of travel! Do you really want to be posting every day? Do you know where to even start? Having an agency do this for you will not only save you time but it will give you peace of mind! As a business owner, your time to practice self-care & well-being is critical to your performance. 

The biggest present you can give yourself this holiday season is peace of mind and more in your bottom line! Most marketing companies take a couple of months to start getting large results, however clients can start rolling in as little as weeks. While you are planning your holiday events and vacations your marketing company will be there doing the grunt work for you and getting you appointments with real qualified leads! 

There’s never been a better time to grow your business with digital marketing! We hope you enjoyed this article on the benefits of hiring a marketing agency. We have experts with decades of experience ready to serve you and take your business to the next level! Contact us today at 407 334 9378 or to book an appointment with someone on our team. We go over your goals and make them a reality with a custom plan made just for you. Talk soon!