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Winning Instagram Strategy for Commercial Landscaping Companies

Instagram Strategy For Commercial Landscaping Companies

Learn how to Properly Use Instagram to Achieve Your Business Goals

If you or your brand are new to Instagram, it can be pretty overwhelming at first. There is so much going on and you’re probably wondering where you should start and what you should post. Naturally, most commercial landscaping companies promote their brands on Facebook, or LinkedIn, but Instagram can sometimes be overlooked when preparing a marketing strategy in the commercial landscaping industry. 

Instagram should play a critical role in your marketing plans because of how visual the platform is. Most customers feel more comfortable doing business with companies that are authentic and seeing images and videos of your work helps your brand to establish more credibility. Instagram is your chance to display your work, showcase your brand personality, and to engage with your audience. 

In Florida where commercial landscaping is extremely competitive, Instagram can significantly benefit your business if you know how to properly use it. Remember you have less than seven seconds to capture people’s attention so you should use it wisely.

Continue reading to learn how to use Instagram in your marketing plan:

Instagram Strategy Commercial Lanscaping

Instagram Videos, Reels, Stories and Photos

Originally Instagram was all about posting eye-capturing photos with an engaging caption. Now the platform has shifted and has focused on being the source of entertainment for videos and reels. This does not necessarily mean that your Instagram should not include photos. High-quality photos are still necessary, but your strategy should focus more on videos, reels, and stories. 

What are the differences between a reel, a video, and a story? A reel is essentially a short, entertaining video that combines multiple mini-videos in one and a video is pretty much self-explanatory. Reels and videos are publicly posted and are visible to everyone. Keep in mind that when posting a reel, be sure to keep it around 15-30 seconds and for videos aim for 60 seconds to no more than a couple of minutes. Stories are similar to reels, but they can include content like photos and short clips, however they are mostly visible to just those that follow you. Stories also go away after 24 hours. This makes them interesting because you can do special same day incentives. 

Types of content that you could post for your commercial landscaping company can include: 

  • A reel of your crew creating unique hedge trimming designs
  • A story capturing how your client’s yard looked before and after
  • A “behind-the-scenes” video of your company

Feel free to take your time and brainstorm some creative ways to make your business stand out from competitors. The more entertaining the content, the more people you will attract. Keep in mind that your prospects want to solve problems, such as “what is the best way to keep a pest free lawn?,” “natural lawn fertilizers,” or “best landscaping companies near me.” You want to be top of mind in these searches that your audience is making every day to solve problems like these & more. 

Instagram Strategy for Commercial Landscaping

Where should you start? 

First, you should create a communications strategy with a goal in mind, for example, getting more clients. Establishing a communication strategy provides your brand with a blueprint of what kind of content to focus on. This plan allows you to always make adjustments along the way (try to stick to it for 3 to 6 months straight). Then, you should think about all the possible barriers that could be preventing people from becoming clients and how you can come up with a creative solution to break that barrier. One barrier could be perhaps, some businesses may not know that your company exists, so your first goal would be to create awareness. Now you can tailor your Instagram strategy to include content based on who you are as a company. 

How to use Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags should also be included in every post and should be relevant to the content that you are posting. Although Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags, it is recommended to have roughly 5 hashtags per post. Hashtags are used for people to search Instagram to find specific content. If you were to use the hashtag #landscaping, a user can look up that hashtag in the search engine and find landscaping content. When you see this landscaping content it’ll not only spark ideas but it’ll give you an idea what kind of content resonates more with your target audience. 

A great rule of thumb would be to create a document to keep track of your hashtags. In one section, list the most popular landscaping hashtags then another some personalized hashtags. In every post, include a few popular hashtags along with your own customized hashtags (i.e. your company name) to ensure optimal exposure. If you were to only include the most popular hashtags in your posts, your content will get lost in the millions of other people using that same hashtag. 

Winning Instagram Strategy for Commercial Landscaping Companies

Avoiding Spam

There are many factors that can cause Instagram to flag your account as a bot, like sharing content that violates social media networking regulations or following/liking a large amount of users within a certain period of time. If you would like to learn more about Instagram’s policies, you can view it on the web. In the next session, we will discuss some basic do’s and don’ts to help your commercial landscaping business make its mark in the digital world and be spam-free.

Basic Instagram Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Create engaging content and high-quality visuals
  2. Include relevant hashtags at the end of every post
  3. Respond to your audiences comments (positive or negative)
  4. Stick to your communication strategy
  5. Use emojis (keep it to a minimum)
  6. Post regularly (at least 3 times per week)
  7. Be authentic and transparent
  8. Have a public account


  1. Use too many hashtags, especially irrelevant ones
  2. Use the same hashtags in every single post
  3. Post content using hashtags without a caption
  4. Edit captions after posting
  5. Post too many times in one day
  6. Post blurry visuals
  7. Post the same comment over and over again
  8. Post lengthy captions

Get your Commercial Landscaping on Instagram

Get Started with Instagram!

Implementing Instagram into your marketing strategy can have many advantages. Now that you are aware of the benefits Instagram can add to your commercial landscaping business, you are ready to start developing your Instagram marketing strategy. 

Still not feeling confident? Allow us to do all the work for you! With years of social media experience, our team at COSMarketing can help set your brand up for success by providing a customized social media plan, as well as social media coaching to help you along the way. 

Instagram for Landscaping Companies

Need Some Instagram Help?

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