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Last year, Halloween sales hit around $9 billion, according to a report completed by the National Retail Federation. That is a lot of revenue! So, make sure your marketing ideas are up-to-date because who can afford to miss out on a piece of that pie?

Top Marketing Strategies for Halloween

1. Get in the spirit!

Most people love Halloween and they adore businesses that go all out, so this year make sure that’s your business.


Show promotions that leave your customers intrigued. Send special Halloween emails with suspenseful twists.

Discount It

Customers love discounts! So, make sure you are offering them some Halloween-fun discounts!


Who doesn’t love a fun contest? Ok, some people really don’t like them. But, most people do especially when they have a really good shot at winning! This Halloween, run a few contests and give some amazing gifts as prizes!

2. Redesign Your Webpage

Orange and black are not only the colors of Halloween, but they are also the colors of fall and this makes people happy!

Modify CTA buttons

Since this is the button that your client uses most, make sure that it’s festive and fun!

Give your page a fun, spooky vibe

Pages should be fun and festive when it comes to Halloween because that helps people to enjoy the holiday spirit. So, play around with fonts, add some GIFs, and build a few cobwebs in the corner.

Install add-ons

I am talking about gift cards, points, and/or rewards. These little incentives are fun and people love to win! So, make this Halloween season fun and give people a little entertainment.

3. Spook it up on Social Media!

Social media is where most people spend their time so make sure when they see an ad from your page pop up in their feed, that it is festive and fun! This can be a fun time to play with fonts, GIFS, etc. Remember, the past two years have been rough so bringing back the festiveness of the holidays is essential.

Need a little help with a Halloween marketing idea for your website? Give us a call and check out our website! CosMarketing is here to help you out!

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