There are many different approaches to digital marketing strategies but podcasts are one of the easiest. Podcasting only requires the use of a microphone, a digital recorder, and a direction. If you are not already making podcasts, you should be! Here are five reasons why:

Helps to Establish Your Brand

Your brand is everything and if you are having trouble establishing it, podcasts can help. It’s super important for your target audience to know your brand because the last thing you want to see is confused consumers. Establishing your brand means increasing your customers base and boosting revenue. When you deliver regular podcasts, you are making your company a household name and thereby, boosting brand awareness.

Builds a Connection to the Audience

While having social media pages does help with building a connection to audiences, it doesn’t allow for a true connection. Delivering podcasts, however, creates a link from the business owners to the customer because there is no text to try to interpret. Podcasts are created through voice alone. When a consumer feels as though they are being connected with on a personal level, they feel more confident in giving that business their time and money. Podcasts build connections.

Generates More Followers

Today, there are more than 2 million podcasts available and over 104 million people are listening to podcasts monthly. That is a lot of potential followers! When you have a podcast, you are increasing the chance for the voice of your company to be heard. Sixteen million people in the US are considered “avid podcast fans”.

Supports Convenience

During today’s fast-paced world, people have very little time to sit down and read anything. That is why video has become so popular. As a consumer, you don’t want to read it, you want to watch it because, for most people, that is what builds a better connection. Not everyone can feel emotions through text, but the voice is much different. Podcasts allow people to use their voice to admit emotion that is captivating, inviting, and positive. Voice doesn’t make you guess what a message is trying to relay, it’s telling you. Text is too broad and at times, stressful. For a busy, stressed lifestyle, podcasts are convenient because people can be reached no matter where they are: home, car, office, traveling, etc.

Increases Website Traffic

Podcasts can even create more traffic to your website because through a podcast, you build interest in your company. Now, people want to know and see more. What does your website have to offer them? Podcasts are a great way to connect with your customers, with potential customers, and even with employees. It builds and maintains connections while creating business stability and more revenue. So, get your podcast on today! Need help with a podcast? Unclear on how to set it up? No worries! We got you. COS Marketing Agency can help you with everything podcast and get you up and running in no time. Just check out our website or give us a call for more info!

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