The effects of COVID are still lingering and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime real soon, which has made an impact on the way businesses run. It has changed where businesses do their business (more remote jobs), it has changed marketing campaigns (more online options, podcasts have increased substantially) and it’s even changed customer service too!

Now, more than ever, businesses are trying to stay connected with customers because there are so many people that try to do everything they can from home: work, eat, workout, shop, etc. For some people, even if they can’t have it delivered, they simply don’t need it.

Customer service is even more essential now because:

Current Customers Need to Feel Supported

If your current customers cannot find a way to connect with you, how can you expect to gain more customers?

Customers love to feel like they are more than just a $ and you can help with that by providing exceptional customer service. There is nothing more annoying than trying to call on an issue and getting the runaround from AI.
During this time, customers need to feel supported and not abandoned, machines can leave a lasting abandoned feeling. So, always leave an option for a live agent.

To Gain New Customers

Live agents for customers to call in to start the process off right for new customers because as mentioned, customers love to feel like more than just a dollar sign. They love this even more during hard times and COVID has put us all through the wringer in some way.
Awesome customer service helps customers to feel important and so, they will want to call back, and most importantly, they will want to continue with your business.

To Show Empathy and Build Trust

When customers feel respected, it brings about more trust with a business. When you show empathy as a business, that builds more trust too. As your business grows, it becomes even more important to build trust with your current customers and new ones too.
Great customer service is the building block for building trust between customers and businesses.

While customer service is the number one way to keep a customer happy, there are many ways to market your business that keeps customers returning to your business too! Let us show you how. CosMarketing Agency offers an array of different updated marketing trends to help customers leave your business feeling important and understood. Check out our website or give us a call today!

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