COVID shut down many businesses and it continues to wreak havoc on other businesses. That is why #shopsmall was born in the first place. Small businesses are still trying to stay afloat as most people continue to shop at shopping giants like Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.

This continues to leave small businesses scrambling for a way to stay afloat.
According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, more than 99 percent of America’s firms are small businesses.
This means that we need them to make the world go round. 

4 Reasons to #ShopSmall

Stock is Hard to Find

It didn’t take long while enduring the great toilet paper outage to see how a pandemic can create mass hysteria. Now, the stores are starting to empty out once again. Small businesses are some of the first businesses to feel this type of panic because once the big business stores are out of items, people look too small businesses. But, once they are out, where can they look? Most often, it’s back at the big stores that have items, but in this case no longer do. This causes a shortage of many popular items that creates issues for small businesses that may have to end up closing down.

Small Businesses Give More Support

Small businesses end up supporting their communities a lot more than big businesses. So, this is a great reason to support small businesses. Small businesses give back, they raise money through fundraisers, they help schools, and overall, they just bring communities together.

They Also Give More Customer Service

When it comes to bigger businesses, the customer service just isn’t as good as it is with small businesses. Chances are higher that you will talk to a live person if you call a small business, but with big businesses, you end up talking to an automated answering service and we know how annoying those can be.

You just get more attention and more focus when it comes to small businesses.

Small Businesses Offer More Farm-to-Table Options

Because many businesses have run out of stock through this entire pandemic, small businesses have had to make creative decisions to try to stay afloat. This means that more small businesses are figuring out the farm-to-table approach. And, honestly, that could be one of the best decisions because it’s overall healthier. It doesn’t travel through so many hands before it finally gets to our plate.

Running a small business in 2021 is harder than it’s ever been, but often it all comes down to the way you market your small business. We can help with that! CosMarketing Agency is a small business working to help other small businesses through this tough time. Take a look at our website for more information or give us a call today!

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