Social media is a goldmine for any business, as long as a business understands how to attract an audience. Various social media platforms offer different approaches. Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat all have their ads, Twitter has its influencers and Instagram has it’s stories and each one does a great job at creating sales.

However, most popularly known for creating sales is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the spot for all things business related from job opportunities, to collaboration, to education to networking. The best approach to getting potential new customers is through organic marketing and increasing engagements on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Algorithms

Algorithms deliver the most relevant content to a person’s newsfeed. Love them or hate them, they are here to stay so it’s important to do your homework. Their purpose is to keep traffic flowing without the irrelevant or low-quality content that causes jams. The algorithms look at clicks, comments, shares and likes to find it’s value. This is important information for a business because it can help to reach or influence LinkedIn users.

What’s Organic Marketing?

Organic marketing is the ability to get your customers to come to you naturally (via blog posts, shares, likes, etc.) over time verses artificially (through paid links or boosted posts). Paid ads are effective, but that’s just the thing-they are paid ads and not every business can afford the hefty price tag. Organic marketing is just as effective, if done right. Obviously, it can take longer.

Cost Effective

Due to the ability to use organic marketing, you don’t have to spend a dime on advertisement. You just have to do some work each day to build your LinkedIn appearance and then you have to make sure you’re being noticed. There are many options available that LinkedIn has to offer when it comes to paid advertisements however.

Connect Through Live-stream

LinkedIn Live is the latest in social media video features. It not only lets marketers connect with their communities in real-time, it gets 7 times more reactions than native video produced by the same broadcasters. It also gets 24 times more comments. LinkedIn Live can be used as a fresh channel for old content. It can also help to launch new products and bring brand awareness to your business.

Content Creation

Blogs are widely used on LinkedIn and they are very effective. The key factor in content creation is to create something compelling that your connections will love and share. You want to give them content that cannot be seen anywhere else. Make sure that you are posting frequently, but that you are not posting everyday at the same time. To build better engagements, your actions shouldn’t appear robotic. Make sure you are using hashtags and tagging people that you know or who are relevant to your posts. Respond to activity such as shares, comments and likes quickly.

LinkedIn is the place for everything business-related. If you don’t have your business on LinkedIn, you’ll want to get there fast. Creating engagements organically through LinkedIn is trending fast in the marketing world. Contact the team at CosMarketing Agency to discuss your next LinkedIn campaign at 407-334-9378 to schedule an appointment today!

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