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4 Best Kept Marketing Secrets Exposed

Best Kept Marketing Secrets Exposed

Transitioning your residential construction company into the commercial industry does not have to be as complex as you may think. Marketing your construction business to other businesses requires a different marketing strategy than marketing to residents. Many residential construction companies opt for commercial projects for many reasons. Commercial construction work can provide security, as most are long-term. Commercial construction company owners have the chance to get in front of much more affiliate people in their area. It also provides less competition by niching down.

Whatever your reason may be for beginning your commercial business journey, we have compiled a brief list of best-kept secrets for getting commercial leads and some best practices for capturing them. Continue reading to gain more insight into capturing commercial leads.

Marketing Strategies for Construction Companies
#1: Create a Buyer Persona:

The first step in generating commercial leads is to create a buyer persona. You may ask, what is a buyer’s persona? A buyer’s persona is essentially a breakdown of your ideal commercial clients. Think of it more as a visual representation of your prospects. Take your time on this part and do your research. You will most likely have more than one buyer persona because all prospects are not the same, but you still want to keep that narrowed down within reason. While researching your clients, you would want to ask yourself:

  • Who are they?:
    • Include company name, what does the company sell or which services do they provide, etc.
  • What goals do they have?:
    • What is their mission statement or vision?
  • Where are they located?:
    • Include where they are and if they provide services, which areas do they serve?
  • What barriers or challenges are they currently facing?:
    • If possible, research customer reviews and browse their website to find any gaps.

Illustrating your buyer persona will help give you a visual of who you are targeting and will help you in developing a marketing strategy to target that audience. Remember, you can’t market your business if you don’t know who you are marketing to. If it helps, put yourself into the mind of your customers and navigate through your own website. Is your website user-friendly? Do the pages on your website load quickly? Is the content on your website meaningful and useful to your customers? Is your contact information easily accessible? These are some of the things to consider when gathering information for your buyer’s persona.

Construction Marketing Secrets
#2: Don’t Forget About SEO:

Search engine optimization, known as SEO is an essential aspect of obtaining commercial leads for your construction business. SEO has many advantages: it is a great way to organically advertise your business without purchasing ads, your business can rank better in local searches, it can improve the usability of your website, incorporating Google Ads to SEO makes it work more efficiently, and has many other benefits that can lead to exponential growth.

How can you do that? Whether it’s on your website or in your blog, be sure to create SEO content. Include targeted keywords that are relevant to your business to have a high ranking on Google result pages.

Marketing Secrets for construction companies

#3: Paid Ads and Organic Advertisements:

Understanding where your prospective commercial clients are is equally important as knowing who they are. Are your clients actively using LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter? Researching this information will help you to determine which social media platforms you want to advertise your business on. Choose your platforms wisely. Just because one platform is trending or may seem more appealing, does not necessarily mean it’s the right one for capturing your new leads.

For the commercial construction industry, we would recommend using LinkedIn, YouTube, Nextdoor, and Alignable. If your company is just beginning its social media journey, you may find it easier to start small to avoid being overwhelmed. Pick two or three of these platforms and consistently develop content for each. Typically three posts per week per platform is recommended for best practices. Once you get the hang of developing and strategizing content, gradually add another platform to advertise on.

Your messaging, tone, imagery, hashtags, emojis, etc. should all be taken into consideration when creating content. Always ask yourselves, is this on-brand? Does this make sense? Will my message be perceived the way it’s intended to? Another method you could use

Next, you should think about budgets and allocation. How much you spend on paid ads is just as important as how your business chooses to spend it. If you are just starting, you do not have to spend tons of money if you don’t want to, but you should consider spending a good amount on paid ads to ensure a decent return on investment. Once you start seeing the data from how your ads performed, you can always go back, make adjustments and allocate more money toward the best-performing ads. Investing in paid ads can help you with converting them and expand your reach to hundreds of commercial clients.

Organic posting should also be a staple in your marketing strategy because it builds long-term relationships, brand credibility, and trust. At no cost to you, this will be your chance to display who you are as a brand and create a community with your audience. The benefit of paid and organic ads is that you get to meet your audience wherever they are in their buyer’s journey.

4 Best Kept Marketing Secrets Exposed
#4: Personalized Outbound Appointment Setting:

Most companies are trying to take advantage of artificial intelligence to reach a large number of people within a certain period and it is hassle-free. However, the overuse of artificial intelligence plays a major role in the lack of personalization and disconnect in businesses. For clients to feel more connected to your brand, you must appear human-like and less formal. People connect and relate to other people who are like them. Believe it or not, being personable can make your construction company stand out amongst competitors.

If you plan to use or if you have already incorporated AI into your outbound appointment setting, find a way to make it resonate with your customers. In doing so, research ways to stay updated on best practices and see how you can implement them into your lead-generating strategy.

Marketing for Construction
Summary: of our Best Kept Marketing Secrets

If your residential construction business is ready to take on commercial clients, use our best kept marketing secrets to prepare a robust marketing strategy to convert them and try out these methods. Create a buyer’s persona, incorporate SEO, paid and organic ads, and personalized outbound appointment settings to help your business effectively generate more leads. Now that you have learned some of the best-kept secrets and best practices, you should feel more prepared to get started!

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