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LinkedIn Vs Alignable | What’s Better to Grow Your Business?

LinkedIn Vs Alignable – Which is Better?

When it comes to digital marketing, content is king! Social media marketing is exploding and nowadays start-ups and small businesses are stuck wondering where they need to advertise. LinkedIn has been a popular and trusted social media platform for business owners. Alignable is a newer social site for small business owners that is quickly gaining traction. Which is best for your business? Check out this article to learn more!

So let’s start with LinkedIn. LinkedIn was founded to be a haven for entrepreneurs to meet like-minded people in their area. Now LinkedIn has a much broader audience. Often you will receive friend requests from people outside of your city or maybe even in a different country. While many companies can service clients outside of their area, others have to serve people within their local radius. If you are looking for a more localized client base then Alignable might be a better choice for you. 

Alignable is a newer social platform that caters to a local audience. It encourages users to add people in their city and to build groups and relationships in their area. This is a good palace to go to if you want to niche down by area. Where Alignable struggles though are video. Video content is what creates the highest rate of engagement and interest in today’s world. While LinkedIn supports video, Alignable does not. You can post a video link on Alignable but it will take you outside of the platform, making it less likely for someone to take action. 

LinkedIn VS Alignable – Followings

Both are respectable social media platforms, however, since LinkedIn is more well known having a massive following there is currently more valuable. People who build massive followings on LinkedIn can also expect to be offered brand deals, something that is almost unheard of on Alignable. The advantage you have on Alignable is in the fact it is up and coming. A large following on there might not be as valuable now but as their site grows so will your following, making it that much more valuable in the future!

Go into any social media marketing plan with a strategy. What are you trying to get out of your content? Who are you targeting and what are their pain points? No matter the social site, you want to address your prospect’s concerns and provide them with the solutions they are looking for. On both platforms, you will see a lot more success if you focus on this first and foremost!

LinkedIn Vs Alignable – Group Pages

Both offer the ability to create or partake in group pages. Group pages are essentially community forums where groups of people post to the same page. This is a good way to create online engagements based on specific topics. On LinkedIn, the group section is very prominent on their platform. In fact, group posts often come up organically on the LinkedIn newsfeed. There are tons of groups on all kinds of topics on LinkedIn. Alignable is struggling on this part. Alignable groups are harder to access on their platform. Often you will see only 1 or 2 groups available in your local area on Alignable. This is something the platform should consider changing asap. 

As social platforms are getting more and more saturated groups are becoming more important to people. Your prospects want to see the information they want and not fluff. Groups give them the ability to focus on consuming content related to the topics they prefer with the benefit of meeting others who feel the same as they do. 

LinkedIn Vs Alignable – Ads

Both platforms also give you many ways to run ads and/or do paid subscriptions. The paid subscriptions come with perks. On LinkedIn, if you pay for Premium you can add as many people as fast as you want. Alignable has a cap on the number of people you can add, even with their paid service. 

Both platforms offer you the ability to run ads or newsletters that their audience can see at the top of the newsfeed. On LinkedIn, the costs vary depending on keywords, location, amount of people you want to reach, gender, etc. Alignable’s ads differ mainly on location, making it easier to budget. Running ads allows you to target people rather than hoping your content comes up on their feed. This is a powerful tool you don’t want to miss out on regardless of the platform!

LinkedIn gives you the ability to leave someone reviews and endorse their skills. More recently Alignable came out with something similar where you can leave a review for other users. Both help with “social proof” and “online authority.” Social proof is a fancy way of saying people endorse you and your work. When prospects see this online this helps build you as an authority. It’s not just about what you know or who you know but who knows you! Reviews and testimonials show your prospects you have value and you deliver results! This will make you a lot different than most of your competitors for all of the right reasons.

LinkedIn Vs Alignable – Conclusion

Both LinkedIn and Alignable are good places to brand yourself and your business. On social media taking a diverse approach is smart but please make sure you keep up a certain level of quality and consistency. It will do you no good to post once a month and it also does you no good to post every day if the content is not quality. Visit our website and social channels for more helpful information on how to make eye-catching content and get the most out of your social media experience!

We have personally had success on both platforms. The majority of our best leads have come from LinkedIn. That being said we’ve been on the platform for over 5 years and Alignable is something we picked up recently in the last year or two. Both allow us to reach a much wider audience and create more brand authority as we mentioned earlier in this article. 

Our CEO Katrina Tecxidor recently made Person of the Year on Alignable! We are very grateful to all of our supporters. Please feel free to send us a friend request on either platform and reach out with any questions. We are offering no-cost social media assessments for all first-time prospects. Call or text us at 407-334-9378 to book an appointment! We look forward to serving you.