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The Benefits of White Label Marketing

Let’s Learn About The Benefits of White Label Marketing:

In today’s world, digital marketing is becoming the norm for businesses, large and small, to advertise their wares. The term “digital marketing” itself is a fairly broad one that covers a plethora of smaller marketing groups and subgroups within. And not everyone knows everything about these variables.

Because of this, many digital marketing agencies find it difficult to become an all-in-one place for all digital marketing services. Even those that claim to be, often fall short of the mark on their agreement.

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Ever been in a situation where a client wanted you to do something but you had to say no because you didn’t have the in-house resources for it?

What about trying to provide add-on services to your clients or tried expanding your portfolio and ran into one stumbling block after another during the initial stages?

Perhaps, you’re a small business that’s been finding it difficult to compete with larger agencies due to a limited service base.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need white label marketing.

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The Benefits of White Label Marketing – What is White Label Marketing?

White label marketing is a way for marketing agencies to offer better value to their clients by giving them “the whole package” but at a fraction of the cost. Essentially, white label marketing services are fulfillment services where the work for one company’s (call them AlphaEpsilon Marketing) clients is done by another (call them OmegaDyne Digital Concepts).

In this case, OmegaDyne Digital Concepts, which actually does the job, doesn’t get the credit for their work. Instead, AlphaEpsilon Marketing takes credit for those services and resells them to their clients under the AlphaEpsilon Marketing brand name.

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The Benefits of White Label Marketing – How does white labeling work?

So how does it work? Let’s use the two companies named above as an example.

AlphaEpsilon Marketing is an end-to-end digital marketing services provider and has a large number of clients that require specific types of specialized services. Instead of trying to do the job themselves or hiring a full-time, in-house team for each kind of specialized service, they outsource some of their work.

Within these parameters, AlphaEpsilon Marketing provides these specialized services to their clients under their own brand name, but OmegaDyne Digital Concepts does the actual work.

Along these same lines, one of the services AlphaEpsilon Marketing requires, say for example 3D animation, for its clients is in actuality, not one that OmegaDyne Digital Concepts can actually do in-house. However, they do have a white label agreement with another company, Broken Bow Visionary Elite, who does specialize in 3D animation.

The Benefits of White Label Marketing – What are the benefits of white labeling?

Add a new revenue stream.Perhaps the most conspicuous and appreciable benefit of white labeling is it creates a new influx of earning potential for the company. With this new offering, you’re able to provide more services and get more in return. Plus, you’re attracting new clients who are interested in the white labeled product.

You increase your “reach” and visibility online. If the business you run requires you to offer multiple services or products from third-parties, paying extra for white labeling on all the products you offer is a great way to quickly increase your brand name without being annoying, increasing other’s awareness of your brand.

You get to work with experts who specialize in a particular field. If third-party developers have the know-how to make a product better than your company, you can pay the third-party for the white labeling and provide your brand name on their product.

Overall, you save time and money. For example, say you wanted to offer a specific marketing service and decided to start creating one, how long would this project take to complete? As mentioned in point three above, there are companies already out there offering white labeling for their products who’ve done the work. This means you can start with a finished, white labeled product instead of utilizing and investing company time and resources developing the service yourself.

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The Benefits of White Label Marketing – Conclusion

White label marketing provides numerous benefits, some of which were highlighted above. Using white label marketing might just be the push that any agency might need to grow.

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