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How to gain business on social media

Read this to learn more about how to gain business on social media. In today’s social media-driven world, if you own a company, but do not have a website or social media account on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you may as well not exist at all.

20 years ago, when customers would recommend a product it was usually by word of mouth with a phone call or in person. Today, with a simple click on your cell or computer you can share pictures, reviews, videos, and even links to pretty much ANYTHING you have purchased! Others will read, watch it, and decide whether they will give a product or service a chance. And it all happens easily within minutes on social media sites.

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How do you get the most out of your website or social media accounts?

The answer is simple. ENGAGE the customer!

But how?

Here’s a list of just some of the many ways you can keep your brand fresh and create customer engagements that will entice new customers and repeat ones alike. Meaning more visibility and profits!

1. how to gain business on social media – Contest and Giveaways:

This one I want to talk about first because it’s my favorite. Everyone likes to get free things, and if it’s from a company or brand they like even better. People are willing to give you all their info just for a chance at a freebie! This way of creating engagement has been known to generate the MOST followers and responses for the duration of the Contest or Giveaway! People will chat with each other on your social media page and even ask you questions which makes your company more personable. Investment is minimal, social engagement very high!

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2. how to gain business on social media – Question and Answer Session:

Announcing a question and answer session on Facebook Live or another social media site will give your brand a chance to show the people or person behind the company. By answering questions that customers or potential customers may have, you can engage them and show them the human side of your business. People nowadays love a company with heart, soul and values. Talking about how you formed your business from the ground up and believe in certain values and even support certain charities, will bring you closer to your customers and ultimately more profits.

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3. how to gain business on social media – Question the Client:

Posting a question and letting people answer on your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram and twitter will bring you traffic to your page while engaging the customer. Keep your questions simple. You can take it a step further by asking them about possibly choosing something about a future product, whether color, flavor, etc. will bring people to your page, get them talking about your product to each other and make them feel good about your company and also making them valuable in the process that they have some influence over your company, product or brand!

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4. how to gain business on social media – Post a Funny/Cute Picture or Gif:

Companies can easily win over customers and potential customers with funny graphics or pictures. Either product related or not, a humorous picture shows a human side to your business. People will engage with this option by tagging their friends, re-posting, sharing and commenting on it, bringing you recognition and engagement and ultimately profits! The most eye-catching images include, animals and children!

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how to gain business on social media – Ask for a Review:

Simply asking your existing customer base for a review on a specific product, service or customer service will engage people and give you exposure with good reviews and making new customers at the same time. People want to be heard and seen on your social media page. They can tag their friends and it will also show up on their friends’ news feeds giving you more exposure and insight on how your customers like your business

This list is just some of the many ways to create engagements on various types of social media platforms. But the main importance of having a company with repeat business is a having a great product or service and of course good customer service!

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