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Is Facebook Marketing Effective?

Facebook Marketing Effectiveness in 2023:

Is Facebook marketing still effective in 2023? This is the question we often get when we speak to prospects. While Facebook is widely considered to be fading into the background, it’s actually still an effective way to reach your niche. This article will tell you how to best use it to its full potential & how to adapt your strategy to other problems to make that even more effective! 

Facebook is still one of the largest social media platforms. Everyone has a Facebook, young and old, rich and poor. It’s a worldwide platform with even underdeveloped countries utilizing it. The key to being seen in all the white noise of the platform is excellent content first and targeting second. Business owners struggle with content creation the most. That is why we recommend our on-site videography services for local Central Florida businesses. The better the quality of the raw content the more you have to work with in the editing process. If your content solves problems while entertaining your audience it will do VERY well on Facebook. 

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook Marketing Strategy:

You don’t want to just start filming and editing without a plan though. Strategy is essential for any campaign, especially on Facebook. We recommend having different types of “content buckets” you create in your Facebook strategy process. These different types of content will eventually become a series of videos. These can be tweaked and edited to fit other platforms, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, & most importantly, YouTube. Once you come up with your content schedule make sure you stick to it. Set up reminders on your calendar and phone or have your virtual assistant do this for you. 

Your Facebook content should be focused more on videos and reels. For thought who don’t know about Facebook reels, they are short vertical videos that are typically under 1-min in length. Reels are a big reason why Facebook is still a potential game changer for your business. Reels are binge-worthy as they are short digestible tidbits of information. Post reels about relevant topics to your audience and you’ll start to see a much wider audience of followers. 

Facebook is an effective form of marketing

Longer Form Content Typically Brings You Better Leads:

It’s worth noting that longer-form videos should not be neglected. You need different types of content on each platform, especially when it’s as saturated as Facebook is. Longer form videos of 1.5 to 5 minutes in length (or more) are good for people who want to do a deep dive on a number of topics. These are typically people more eager to learn. If you can be the one to solve their problems they will thank you in the form of following or contacting you about your services. We tend to find consumers or longer-form content to be better overall but you won’t know what will work for you until you try! Take risks and be bold with your Facebook strategy!

Facebook Reels and Story Posts

Story Posts for Facebook:

Facebook also features story posts. Story posts or stories are posts that go away after 24 hours. These can be photos or videos. We recommend you use video stories as they are more dynamic and exciting to viewers. Story posts have fun functions that allow you to add links and do polls. Polls are a great way to get information from your audience. Ask them what they want to see instead of spending countless hours coming up with ideas!

Facebook Targeting & Ad Campaigns:

When it comes to Facebook marketing, look no further than COSMarketing Agency. We create a custom plan for your Facebook marketing needs. Growing up on Facebook takes a lot of time on your own without direction. We offer Facebook consulting services or we can do all the editing and content management for you. We also provide Facebook ad campaigns for our clients as well. These ads allow us to target your ideal audience based on their interests and locations. Stop worrying if the right people are seeing your content, start using targeting for Facebook today!

Get a free Facebook Marketing Assessment

Free Facebook Marketing Assessment:

We know that finding the right team to help you with advertisements is not easy. Let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other! Contact us at 407-334-9378 or to book a no-cost marketing assessment. In this video or phone call, we will go over your current marketing strategy and come up with some ideas that will help you grow your business. You can choose to implement the plan on your own or hire our company to do it for you. We look forward to serving you!