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COSMarketing Agency Introduction

COSMarketing Agency Founder
COSMarketing Agency Founder


COSMarketing Agency Introduction

I founded COSMarketing Agency officially in 2017 after I saw the need for marketing services for small business vendors at the events I would attend. Living in New York from birth to high school, I was exposed to a variety of cultures and people from all walks of life. It gave me a love for the arts and events that showcased creativity. From an early age, I was always interested in human dynamics, and why people do the things they do. Making connections and meeting people was always a necessity for me growing up, but I struggled with anxiety when I was young. My mother, being a single mom, taught me hard work and making the right connections are what you will need to succeed. It’s through her guidance and the guidance of my Grandparents that I started taking classes in the arts, dance, and acting to get out of my shell. Over time it helped greatly, and eventually, we moved to Florida right before I started attending high school. This change was scary at first, but eventually, I came to learn about the cosplay scene, and it became a home for me. I naturally gravitated to that group, as I grew up reading comics and enjoying animated shows.

I would go on to graduate from Valencia and later The University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree. Through college, I learned about hard work, determination, and service. I am happy to say I volunteered at many places, from aiding shelter animals, rebuilding wetland ecosystems, fundraising event assistance, and visiting children in hospitals dressed as characters. My times visiting children’s hospitals taught me how powerful comic book characters can be in giving people hope and strength. I knew then that my life would always involve being a part of comic book and geek culture on a deeper level.

The idea

When I came up with the idea for COSMarketing Agency I had been attending cosplay, tech, fashion, music, and gaming related conventions and events in Florida and Georgia over the course of 4 or 5 years. Whenever I was at one of these events, I made it a point to always talk to the vendor. I truly believe they are the heart of the convention scene and are in some ways underappreciated. Sadly, I noticed most people selling products at these events had no idea how to get more clients in or outside of a convention. They mainly relied upon foot traffic at their booth, which can be very limiting. I slowly started building up what came to be COSMarketing Agency through these connections. I took on clients as a part time social media marketer and consultant at first.

Eventually, I built up to full time social media management and started team building, starting with content creators. We now employ videographer/photographers, digital designers and artists, costume and 3D printing specialists, search engine and automation professionals, and more. Our services are now scalable for small vendors up to a chain of stores. We can even create high-quality custom fit costumes fit for professional cosplay, shows, and movies. I have truly been fortunate to work with it all now from cosplayers, artists, voice actors, YouTubers, comic book companies, event organizations, and more.

COSMarketing Agency Mission

Our mission now is an important one, use our expertise to help as many small businesses and freelancers as possible in the industries we care about. Our team comes from diverse backgrounds and fields and are ready to work hard to make your business successful. We use proven business tools that bring traffic to your website and social media. Our services translate into direct sales for businesses. Check out our full SERVICES area to learn more about what the COSMarketing Agency team can do for you. Schedule your consultation to discuss your marketing or costume needs. Your first 30-minute consultation is always free with no obligations. I look forward to talking to as many business owners as possible and sharing our experiences. The goal with this blog is to have it be an outlet of positive discussion and information. Want information on how your business can appear in our blog? For this and any other inquiries contact us on our website or at

COSMarketing Agency Founder Katrina Tecxidor

Katrina Tecxidor, aka COSMarketing Agency’s Founder

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