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Video Marketing Guide

Here Is Your Video Marketing Guide!

Startups and small businesses have to fight harder than ever before to see some recognition online. Even if a business has a unique idea, it doesn’t matter much if that idea is never seen. Capturing attention is what being on the internet is all about, from content creation to video marketing. As you probably know very well, content creation is about generating compelling content that generates leads. Video marketing is designed to do the same thing, without all the reading and writing.

Video Marketing Guide

Video Marketing Guide:

Online 64% of online video viewers make a purchase after they have watched a branded video on social media.

Videos promote brand awareness, boost engagements, help to build trust, are inexpensive and they improve online presence. However, their main goal is to generate sales. Video marketing is about introducing your business to a larger audience. Social media giants like Facebook get 8 billion video views per day. Unlike content, videos can instantly go viral. That’s why apps like TikTok are so popular. While video marketing is a popular way to generate traffic to your business, video engagement is even better. Allowing users to share or comment on the videos builds loyalty, even if the comments shared are negative feedback about a product you sell. Videos promote brand awareness, boost engagements, help to build trust, are inexpensive and they improve online presence.

75% of users who watched videos that explain how a service or product works purchased the product later

A shocking 80% of people remember the video ads they see online. Video marketing allows you to entice your audience more than content has the ability to do. It’s important to know how to reach your demographic. Social media is the highlight of most people’s day when it comes to the internet. Therefore, if you want to reach the younger generation, market to Instagram and Snapchat. If middle-aged or older, Facebook and Pinterest. For business, LinkedIn is perfect.

Video Marketing Guide

60% of marketers say that video marketing has increased their conversion rates.

While everyone loves videos, it’s important to know where you’ll gain the most attention for your business needs. Video marketing also allows businesses to engage with mobile users. Most people use their mobile devices for the internet anyways. Mobile users usually stick with a video for 2 to 5 minutes while desktop users typically become uninterested at about 2 minutes. To get a higher click rate on emails, video marketing is the way to go. Video marketing allows for a more personalized experience. When you can evoke emotion, you can evoke a want or desire. If you can do this in the consumer world, you’ve hit a gold mine. While using videos in your marketing campaign, you’ll also be increasing your rank on search engines. There is a reason why YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Marketing has changed a lot in recent years alone, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and content creation and video marketing will allow your business to grow and flourish.

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