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Happy New Year! Welcome to 2022.

You might already be wondering how you’re going to tackle marketing this year.

We’d like to offer these 6 ways to spice up your marketing to help.

1. Virtual Event Marketing

Virtual events became more popular when the pandemic hit. Now, two years later, they continue to be an important tool while we face the same ongoing pandemic. It is much safer to have a large Zoom meeting – or similar app – than it is to worry about people being so close to one another that you risk continuing to spread COVID. So, virtual events are the way to go for the foreseeable future.

2. Video Content Marketing

It’s all about the videos! People like to watch videos – versus having to read something. And that is why YouTube is so popular. Alternatively, a lot of people are visual learners. So, it helps to have something to watch – and that is something that you definitely want to provide your customers in 2022! This is why CosMarketing Agency continues to create and share videos regularly.

3. Podcasts Marketing

Podcasts are now more popular than ever. If people can’t watch a video, many would still rather have someone talk to them versus having to read. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of people who enjoy reading – but there is a large audience that either doesn’t, they don’t have time for it, or are otherwise preoccupied. Podcasts can cover a wide range of topics and are an excellent way to spice up your marketing. People can listen to them when driving, during a commute, or in another downtime situation.

4. Voice Search Marketing

With voice search-like options like Alexa and Siri, it won’t be long before we are all walking around with our personal AI assistant who can do numerous tasks and provide answers to questions for us. Why not make use of this tech, and use voice search in your marketing strategy? Make it an option for your customers.

5. Influencer Marketing

Love them or hate them, influencers are here to stay – because the internet isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Influencers can make or break your business. These are people who have so many followers on social media that other people look to them to find out what they should buy. Getting an influence to help you market your business is a low-cost way to expand and grow your audience. Not only will that spice up your marketing, but it will also allow you to stay on top of current trends.

6. Social Media Marketing – for the Win

As always, social media is your marketing best friend. There is just so much that can come out of being part of the social media world – and developing a huge following is just one of those things. Raising brand awareness and boosting audience engagement are two more. Social media can do so much for your business in just a small amount of time. Whether you work with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, or some other option – social media is an outstanding way to spice up your marketing for 2022. In summary – these are 6 ways to spice up your marketing: 1. Virtual Events 2. Video Content Marketing 3. Podcasts 4. Voice Search 5. Influencers 6. Social Media Looking for more great marketing tips for 2022? Give us a call, text, or email. And don’t hesitate to explore our website and see what services we offer. The CosMarketing Agency is here ready to help you and your business.

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