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YouTube is an outstanding tool to help get you, your message, and/or your business more attention. This can be an outstanding way to help grow your brand, get more notice, and increase overall recognition. YouTube is the number 2 search engine in the world – second only to global giant, Google. The video streaming social media platform has over 2 billion (logged in) users. Since 2005, when YouTube first came to life, it has created viral videos with a huge list of subscribers. Today, it is the best place on the internet to find educational and instructional DIY, cooking, exercising, gaming, music, and humorous videos. But that’s not all. There are many other genres – such as nature videos, makeup videos, lifestyle videos, product reviews, and so much more! Whether you are already making use of YouTube – or considering doing so soon – here are 3 ways to increase your reach on YouTube:
  1. Use an Eye-Catching Thumbnail

The thumbnail is the first thing that a viewer sees when they look at your video, so it needs to be eye-catching. Many have said that having a bad thumbnail could be the end of your video before it even gets a single view. For those with awesome thumbnails, it could be the start of a viral video. Ninety percent of popular videos use a custom thumbnail. To remember to make sure your thumbnail really stands out, use the BOGY Rule: B-Blue O-Orange G-Green Y-Yellow YouTube is composed of red, black, and white – which means if your thumbnail is one or all of those colors, it’s not going to stand out. So, using the BOGY rule will help you to create a thumbnail that stands out. Note – pink and purple are great colors to work with, too. YT trending

2. Use the YouTube Description Template

There is a YouTube template available that can help you to write the best description for your video. Start with a strong intro: This is just 2-3 sentences that draw people in to watch your video. Use some descriptive keywords and mention your target keyword here. What you type can help you to increase your click-through rate. When writing your outline, make sure it is 150 words or more, detailed, and has many keywords in it. You also want to direct people to your social media channels and your website, so make sure that info is in there. Add in a call-to-action as well.

3. Boost Your Video Title

Your title is everything. That’s because outside of your thumbnail it is the most important thing on your YouTube page. People need to be drawn in by the title which should be eye-catching, compelling, should ideally use a number, and end with a bracketed statement like [New Release]. These 3 ways to increase your reach on YouTube are easy to employ. They can make all the difference when it comes to getting your video and your business noticed. Need a little help figuring out YouTube? Give us a call, text, or email us. CosMarketing Agency is here to help with all your marketing needs.

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