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With the holidays just right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about how you are going to use them to boost your social media following. Social media is the happening spot on the internet, so if you still don’t have a Twitter, and Instagram, a Facebook, or even Snapchat for your business at this point, you are missing out on some marketing gold.

It’s no secret, 2020 has been the year for oddities, and therefore, companies have had to find some unique ways to market new ideas and even some companies have had to pull fan-favorite products because they can no longer finance them. With Black Friday happening in just a few weeks, some companies have already kicked off their events. With 2020 being such a strange year, we can all expect to see other Black Friday deals happening much earlier than expected.


To help boost your social media through the holidays, follow some of these trends:

Use Your Story:

Social media stories are essential when it comes to promotion. Videos or pics can be viewed up to 24 hours before they disappear. This feature works because it connects you straight to your viewer, offering them a direct line of communication. Window shopping has been upgraded in 2020 and the story feature is where it’s at. On Instagram alone, over 500 million accounts use the story feature daily.

Figure out which platform works best to reach your audience and then get creative. Create a brand identity that works by using gifs, emojis, music, filters, and tagging options. Go live or share an upcoming teaser. Make sure you enact polls to get important feedback and share any behind-the-scenes media because consumers enjoy feeling like they are a part of the process. Most importantly, collaborate with an influencer to gain even more viewers.

Define Your Content Strategy:


Video is the mainstream, so if you don’t have that element in your social media, again, you are missing your ride on the gold train. Now, in this crazy year, video is more important than it’s ever been. With technological advancements, things continue to grow forward so there is little to no chance of things returning to text-based only any time real soon.

When it comes to your content strategy, choose the message that you want to say. Always leave your consumers wanting more, but give them something in exchange for their time and money. The holidays present a perfect opportunity to do this.

Let your customers know what new products or items would make a great gift and show off your holiday spirit to gain new followers. Keep to your brand personality. Don’t go off a character as now is not the time for that.


Keep it Mobile:

Smartphones are here to stay, which means marketing has had to change to keep up with it. Now more than ever before, people are zoned into their phones without a chance of coming up for air for hours at a time. It’s important to make sure the media that they are viewing is yours.

For mobile users, it is even more crucial to switch your marketing game up so they are not seeing the same thing over and over again. For the holidays, this is even more of a focal point.

Boosting your social media presence is all about making your viewers feel important. Therefore, the holidays are one of the best times to promote that. To allow viewers to see your cheeriness in your office or even a look into your home brings an even bigger personalization element that people enjoy, which will inspire them to buy more.

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